Top Secret War,

The Secret of Military Communication,

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Code breaking

Ultra and the Campaign against the U-boats in World War II
A very lengthy discussion of the benefits of Ultra.

Records of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) 1942-1945
By the National Archives and Records Administration, this page is a collection of primary documents relating to U.S. intelligence operations.

Operation Lusty
Read about why the USAAF, on April 22, 1945, combined technical and post-hostilities intelligence objectives under the Exploitation Division with the code name LUSTY.

Bletchley Park Museum
During WW2 the German armed forces top secret codes were broken at Bletchley Park, providing the allies with vital infomation towards their war effort.

SOE, Special Operations Executive
Memorial site to Special operations executive officers, agents, resistance groups and aircrew 1940-1946.

The Enigma Machine by NOVA online
"Decoding Nazi Secrets" a site that chronicles how the Allies succeeded in cracking the infamous German message-coding machine, the Enigma.

American Counter Intelligence in World War II
This extensive site illustrates the many elements of American counterintelligence operations.

Camp X
This top secret World War II Secret Agent Training School was strategically placed in Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The Navajo Code Talkers
Navajo answered the military requirement for an undecipherable code because Navajo is an unwritten language of extreme complexity.

Tunnel and Shelter researching
Tunnels, Shelters, Armament production; Undergrund Systems of WW II.

Crypto Museum website
The Venona Project, a very secret programm to examine, and possibly exploit, encrypted Soviet diplomatic communications.

Enigma Cipher Machine
The breaking of the sophisticated German machine cipher was the most spectacular event, in terms of difficulty and far-reaching consequences, in the entire history of secret writing.

Decoding Nazi Secrets
How the Enigma works, a simple cipher.

Tank line

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