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Awards are a way to get recognition for you and your website. They bring prestige and more traffic to your site, and they enhance your credibility as a webmaster. We all want to know that our creativity and hard work are appreciated. After all the time and effort you've put into creating your site, you deserve some recognition! The information in these pages will help you get that recognition. It will show you how to prepare your website and how to apply for awards!

I am no better at Web designing than most of other website designers, but I do take the time and effort.

These awards signifies that our WW II site contains quality content and has good design and HTML expertise. By displaying awards on your site, you are notifying your visitors that your site is among the best of the Web. For only the best have a chance to win such a prestigious award. I know and you probably know that it takes a lot of time to create a quality site.

We (Author and WW II-staff) would like to thank the people who took the time and the effort to review and award sites, they are freely giving their time.

The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945 has received the next Awards:

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The American Legion - Post 694,
Americanism Award

The "Americanism Award"

Military Site Award

Military Site Award

The Patriot Award

The Thin Red Line Award

The "Thin Red Line Award"

The Turret Captain Award

The Turret Captain Award

Patriotic Site Award

The "Patriotic Site Award"

StarSaber's Award

The "StarSaber's Award of Excellence"

Cool site award

The "cool living history site award"

Top Gun On the Internet - Nominated site 1998, 2000

TopGun 2000 Award

The TANKS! Award

The TANKS! Award

The Sentry Award

The Sentry Award

The Hawk Award

The Hawk Award"

The WS Member Nomination Award

The WS Member Nomination Week Winner Award

Bekroonde Website Books Seal of Approval

The "Flying with Eagles" Award

The Stavanger 5 Star Award

The Stavanger 5 Star Award"

Grunt Web Award

Grunt Web Award

Military Award

Desertfoxx Military Award

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