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In Change Management, we help our clients derive new kinds of business value by focusing on the human dimension of business. Successful change is accomplished by aligning the people and the processes of the organization with a strategic plan that focuses on exceptional customer satisfaction, superior process management and vision-driven leadership.

Needs Analysis
To help organizations determine their current state, SAGE can administer organizational cultural surveys, conduct interviews and provide feedback based on formal observation.

These evaluations will help answer questions such as:

  • Do employees understand and support the company’s Vision?
  • What is the depth of strategic knowledge in the organization?
  • What is the level of current employee performance in terms of i.e. attitudes and behaviors, leadership effectiveness and staff productivity?
  • Is there a correlation between levels of employee productivity and the company’s reward system?

SAGE offers a 5 Step Program to implement Organizational Cultural Surveys:

  • An information session for all senior management to explain purpose and process
  • A survey form is provided to the organization for implementation
  • Analysis of survey results and interviews with management & supervisory to better understand the results
  • A 3 days workshop with senior management to review survey results and develop strategies for improvement
  • A survey summary report is provided to the organization for follow-up  top

Mission and Value Statements Workshops
SAGE has developed a series of workshops to assist companies in articulating their Vision into a Mission Statement that captures the company’s purpose and values, provides essential direction and acts as the compass for all future actions and efforts.

The first workshop is designed to crystallize the company’s Vision, define a Mission Statement, and establish values, which guide all efforts to achieving the Mission Statement.

These Guiding Principles cover the two following areas:

  • The professional standards for the work done inside the organization. Without clear standards, the organization may suffer inconsistent efforts because people don’t know what level to strive towards.

  • The other area is the relationship between people in the organization, which is generally defined as the organization’s culture. Every organization has a culture. If ignored, it will emerge by itself, undirected and often counterproductive. On the other hand, if consciously created and nurtured, it will add vital strength to the organization.

The second workshop reviews the Mission Statement and Guiding Principles and identifies strategies to accomplish the Vision. The workshop focuses on:

  • Solutions for possible gaps that exist between the stated ideal of the Mission Statement and Guiding Principles and the reality of the operation.
  • Formulating long-term strategic goals
  • Strategies for taking the Vision to the rest of the organization.

In addition to these two workshops SAGE is also able to assist in facilitating workshops designed to communicate the Vision further down the line in the organization.   top

Strategic Goal-Setting Workshops
The first workshop helps organizations review their long-term goals, develop yardsticks for measuring progress and introduces a system, which aligns long-term goals and strategies on the highest level in the organization with those in each work unit.

The second workshop reviews long-term goals and strategies and connects these with annual business objectives and daily activities of employees.   top

Change Management Workshops
Every company in its life cycle goes through periods of change. Whether change is generated by expansion, new product lines, a new I.T infrastructure or a merger, the impact of change on the organization and its people is an issue, which must be anticipated and carefully managed.

Our Change Management Workshops are designed to establish change management strategies with senior management.

In addition, programs can be developed to introduce change on other levels in the organization.  top