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We have tried to list only sites that contain substantial information. This information usually includes histories, events, online documentation or historical details.

Secret History of The Volkswagen!
The real facts behind how the volkswagen was born. Ferdinand Porsche, with the support of Hitler, developed the Volkswagen to be a car that the average German could afford.

The Japanese Navy
Imperial Japanese Navy Page.

Axis Factbook
Everything you need to know about the Axis and his Allies.

World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I
Collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I.

Hitler's Third Reich and World War Two in the News by Joni.Nuutinen
Hitler's Third Reich and World War Two in the News is a daily edited review of Third Reich and WWII news, providing thought-provoking collection of WW2 information.

World War 2 Cruiser Operations
Cruiser operations in World War 2, information and photos of the ships, actions and classes, together with personal stories from those who were there, 200 pages and over 700 photos., by Martin Ambrosius
The website is a travelers guide to remnants from world war II in Europe.

Women of the Third Reich
A collection of short biographical portraits of some forty women who either gave their full support to Hitler and were sympathetic to the Nazi party - or, on the other hand - were strongly anti-Nazi and played an active part in the anti-Hitler resistance movements.

Oban RAF
This site is about the history of the flying boat squadrons that were stationed at Oban in the early years of world war II.

War over Holland
May 1940: the Dutch struggle.

Rod's WarBirds
WWII German Aircraft Photos.

Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945, by Andrew Bruce
The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945, and secondary there Leaders.

Featuring Posters, Photos, Poets and Arists from WWI and WWII.

WW2 Total
Here you find describtions, technical datas and statistics of WW2 Weapons, military information and day by day Chronology of WW2 History and photos from WW2 Pictures.

Infantry Weapons of World War Two
World War Two saw a massive increase in the variety of weapons used to equip the average infantry battalion.

The Second World War Experience Centre
Our mission: To collect and encourage access to the surviving testimony of men and women who lived through the years of the Second World War and to ensure that different audiences share and learn from the personal recollections preserved in the collection.

Atlantic Wall in the Netherlands
This site is about the localization, design and photo's of bunkers, and radar systems of the Atlantic Wall in The Netherlands.

America In World War II Magazine, by Tammy Miller
The magazine of a people at war 1941–1945.

Old War Correspondence
Read the stories of the men and women who fought in World War II.

The German Prisoners Of World War 2
This site is about the German prisoners of war in the 2nd World War.

Panzerworld - Germany's WWII Panzers
Here, you'll find information about the German armoured forces of World War II.

The book American Warriors: Five Presidents in the Pacific Theater of WWII, by Duane Hove
American Warriors tells the presidents' wartime roles in the Pacific Theater based on interviews with more than one hundred WW II veterans and on primary sources, action reports, ships' logs, war diaries, and letters.

Wunderwaffen: Hitler's Deception, History of Rocketry
This site explores and documents the military history of rocketry, from the fire-sticks of ancient times to the ICBM's of today, in great detail. Hitler used his Wunderwaffen (Wonder Weapons) to terrorize his enemies and deceive his allies.

Luft "46
During WWII, German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft project ideas. Within the pages of Luft '46 you will find descriptions of these aircraft projects.

Guadalcanal: The first offensive
The Guadalcanal Campaign, a series of land and sea battles in the south Pacific from 7 August 1942 to 9 February 1943.

American Ex-Prisoners of War
The American Ex-Prisoners of War organization for American who were captured by the enemy.

Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War
Thousands of Russian women and girls courageously fought for their Motherland Russia.

The RAF Short Stirling Bomber Pages
The Short Stirling was the RAF's first four engined bomber of the second World War.

The World War II Color Archives, by Ovid Need
The world's largest 1940s color aircraft colection.

The Italian Navy in World War II
This excellent site is about the Italian Navy during World War II.

Tanks in World War 2
You can find information and pictures about the most famous tanks and armored vehicles used in the World War II on this page.

The 45th Infantry Division, by Eric Rieth
The 45th Infantry Division US website contains relevant and unique historical information on the 45th Infantry "Thunderbird" Division.

Harry Truman Presidential Papers , by Brion Clayton.
Selected documents, 6.500 pages of Harry S. Truman presidential papers.

Association of Liberation Children, by Thea Schoemaker
Renders assistance to the descendants of WW11 soldiers in the search for their fathers and / or relatives.

The Glider Pilot Regiment 1942-1945
This site is a tribute to the men of the Glider Pilot Regiment, to give the reader an insight into the 'world' of the British Glider Pilot.

The Voices of WWII, by Adolph G. Schmidt
Oral histories of WWII, an ongoing project to document peoples personal experiences 1939-1945.

Britain at War, by Ron Taylor
World War II connections with East Anglian Regiments abroad and at home.

The Generals of World War II
A biographical dictionary of the generals of World War II from all participating nations.

Aeroclassics Net, by Bryce McKibben
Pictures, links, specifications, stories, project help, downloads and more! Your number one source for WWII aviation!

Hitlers Deathcamp Sobibor
The deathcamp Sobibor operated from May 1942 until October 1943 for only one purpose: to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible.

Prisoner of War Camp #1, Fukuoka, Japan
An Insight into Life and Death at a POW Camp in War-time Japan.

Warbirds Resource Group
The Warbirds Resource Group was formed to provide a cohesive organization that ties the various Luftwaffe resource groups together.

Waffen-SS Order of Battle, by Rob Fitzgibbon
This website is about the Waffen-SS, the fourth branch of WWII Nazi Germany's armed forces.

The Burma Campaign
These pages contain order of battle information for the Burma Campaign, 1941-1945, historical details and other items of interest.

World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I, by Mary Smith
During World War II Allied Airmen were imprisoned by the Germans at Stalag Luft I in Barth, Germany.

Het Parool
English Summary of the organisation and history of 'Het Parool', one of the major illegal papers, during the German Occupation of 1940-1945 in the Netherlands.

Messerschmitt 109
This page deals with a plane, used during the Second World War. The content is a technical overview about the history of Messerschmitt Me 109.

The Wartime Memories, by Angela
The Wartime Memories Project which aims to collect and record recollections of events of world war two.

Kreta - Operation Merkur
The invasion of Kreta.

Tanks!, by Bill Kirk
This site is devoted to the worldwide history of tracked vehicles prior to 1946.

Sharkhunters purpose is submarine history with major emphasis on German U-Boats.

Canonesa, Convoy HX72
This site describes the events surrounding the loss of the Canonesa, the attack on Convoy HX72, and the exploits of the U-boat which sank seven ships.

The Moskow battle
The Moskow battle 1941-42, defence and offensive operations of the Soviet armies during WW2 with purposes to defence of Moscow and rout of German grouping armies.

US LST home port
During World War 2 there were 1051 LST's (Landing Ship Tank) built to carry troops and supplies to American and Allied troops fighting in Europe and the Pacific theaters.

Comando Supremo: Italy at War 1940-1943, by Jim Heddlesten.
This site is intend to document Italy's involvement in WW II and the heroism of the Italian soldier.

American Aircraft of World War II
This is a reference site with photos, data, and info on all American aircraft designed or used in World War II.

Deutsche Afrika Korps
North Africa 1940-1943, Deutsche Africa Korps dedicated home page.

Places of World War II
The site constains information on places that have a connection with the Second World War in Europe, such as Camps, War Industry, Military Complexes and Museums.

Nihon Kaigun; Imperial Japanese Navy Page
The Imperial Navy was obvious the most powerful navy in the world at beginning of WW II.

Third Reich Factbook, by Marcus Wendel
This site is dedicated to the history of The Third Reich and the NSDAP.

10th. Mountain Division, 85th Regiment., by Matt Hickey
The story of the 85th mountain infantry regiment, dedicated to comrades in, 85th Mountain Infantry.

Tanks in World War 2
Tanks and armored car in second world war, pictures, info and history.

German Military Awards and Decorations
This site will display articles and images of World War II German Military Wehrmacht awards.

Anne Frank House
At the Anne Frank House in the center of Amsterdam you can find the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War Two. The original of the diary is on display as part of the Anne Frank House's permanent exhibition.

3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf
Totenkopf history and reenacting site. The 3rd SS was one of many Waffen SS units that stood out as some of the toughest fighting men in the German military.

Achtung Panzer!
This website is dedicated to the history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe during WW II, it describes tanks used by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Panzer Divisions.

The George Duncan Website
Fact Sheet on World War 11. Maritime Disasters, Massacres of WW11, Lesser Known Facts.

Sid's War
This site tells the war time memories of a soldier at duty in WW II.

Håkans Aviation page - Biplane fighter aces from the Second World War
This page focus on fighter aces who flew biplane fighters (mostly the Gloster Gladiator and the Fiat CR.42 Falco) during WW II.

The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada is a World War II reeacting group.

737th Tank Battalion
This tank unit participated in all of the five major battles (Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe), ranked high among the most decorated separate tank battalions fighting in Europe during WW II.

The 70th Infantry Division Association Home Page
The 70th Infantry Division "Trailblazers"; In the line for 86 days of combat.

World War II U.S. Veterans page, By Dick and Dave Berry
The World War II U.S. Veterans Website.

Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters
During World War II, freelance photojournalist Marvin Breckinridge Patterson took the first pictures of a London air-raid shelter.

Twelve O'Clock High, Luftwaffe and Warbirds, by Ruy Horta.
Page about the organisation of the Luftwaffe.

Documentatiegroep '40-'45, by Peter Krans.
This group publishes information about World War II.

Parachute Regimental Association (Lothian Branch Scotland)
Branch Website of British ex - Paratroopers and Airborne Forces.

Uss Oakland Memorial Websites
This homepage is dedicated to those who served in the USS Oakland, especially those who gave their lives.

World War II, a British Focus
A index of WW II links.

Tank line

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