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Nederland tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog,
Er komt een Nederlandstalige WO II versie op het net, klik op de Nederlandse vlag voor meer informatie.
Een bijlage brengt in woord de Tweede Wereldoorlog voor Nederland in herinnering. Een kort maar leerzaam verslag van de oorlogshandelingen die zich tussen mei 1940 en mei 1945 voltrokken.

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Welcome to the War,

German crosses This Web site is intended for enthusiasts of World War II, a period now far behind us. The text has been written using our own judgement and should be easily understood by everybody. The reader is taken back in time and feels that he was actually present when the events took place, a new and compelling way of experiencing the events of World War II. Every possible care has been taken to ensure that the facts are presented accurately, although new developments could of course shed new light on the matter. However, we are very confident that this story will make a contribution to history, a contribution which will benefit mankind in the future. We hope you will like it.
The objective of our site is to provide you with a vast catalogue of interesting resources including WW II links throught the WWW, you may search the whole site using keywords or names, use these resources to recreate the atmosphere of the time 1939-1945. Once you become acquainted with the features, you will be navigating the WW II Web more quickly and easily.

If you would like to include your favorite link or WW II site or if you know of other interesting related sites please tell us simply worldwar2@technologist.com, send it to us or submit by the button below. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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History of the World War 1939-1945,

Japanese tank When World War II began in 1939, Germany was the aggressor, it was later joined in June 1940, by Italy, and Japan in December 1941. Together they formed the major Axis nations, each had their strenghts and weakness. From 1900 until the late 1930's the armies of the world believed that massed infantry charges, heavy artillery, and static defenses could dominate and control any battlefield.But on the morning of September 1st 1939, the world was forever changed as Germany invaded Poland and executed its first "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightning attack", quickly crushing Polish resistance.

From 1939 to 1945, Germany's military machine struck out and conquered most of Western Europe, swept into deserts of North Africa and drove deep into the hinterlands of Russia.In time, however, the Allies gathered strength and eventually crushed the German Army and Axis powers with a display of brute force that has remained unmatched to this day.What started out as a war based on military technical tactics and blitzkriegs, later became a war reliant on industry and mass production.

Peace for animal and people Victory won over evil, we have still not found peace or safety and we are still in the grip of dangers which are even worse than the ones we have survived.I seriously hope that a careful consideration of the past may show us the way in the years to come, that it will enable the new generation to make up for the errors (against animals and wildlife too, not only people) committed in the past and that they will thus be able to rule this vast, rapidly developing world, in accordance with the needs and the dignity of mankind, with the help of all the numerous new technological developments at our disposal, such as nuclear energy and electronics, and all their benefits.

Specific items,

If you have suggestions, comments, or most importantly things you'd like to contribute or specific items you would like to see in these pages, please let us know!

I would like to thank the following people, who have provided invaluable assistance in preparing this home page: Jan Willem Westra (translation, publishing), research assistance of Arnoud Zuidema (historical research) and others. To all go appreciation and thanks. We should furthermore like to thank all the very many others that have made a site on World War II. These are invaluable as a reference to our site. So if you have any comments or suggestions or if you see any new links on World War II added to this site, please e-mail us.

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This is an apolitical page dealing with the military aspects of the WW II only, does not support the political beliefs of the NSDAP and no support should be assumed.The page also does not condone the activities of Neo-Nazi Organizations, other extremist or Anti-American Organization.

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