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World Snooker Championship 2011
Coverage by the BBC

Snooker sites
I found a number of sites about snooker. Anyone who knows other sites, is kindly invited to E-mail me the URL.
The miss rule
I have collected some notes about the miss rule.
Boven 't IJ
I have been playing snooker since the end of 1988 at the "Snooker en Biljart Centrum Boven 't IJ" (text in Dutch) - A real snooker place, located in Amsterdam. The Snooker Club Boven 't IJ plays here every Friday evening.
"How to measure the strength of a snooker player" in Nederlands and English
I wrote this at the request of Martin Los, my nephew. Any comments or questions are welcome, of course.
Snooker statistics
Inspired by the paper mentioned above, Martin wrote a paragraph (also in Dutch) about statistics related to the subject under consideration.
An acquaintance showed me a brochure about Tenball. I did not know this snooker-like game and presume more people are interested.

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