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Tina - , USA.

Jeep Hello,
My name is Tina and I am looking for any information on my Fathers Battalion. His name Private Michael Nazzarini, in the 864th Engineer Aviation Battalion, APO. Has any one ever heard of it before, and could you tell me what a Construction worker might do. I believe he served in the Philippines(Manilla). he was in the Army Air Corps ww2. Thank you for your time.

NN - , .

Jeep 1943....Cardiff, Wales.....Looking for anyone with knowledge of nurse Edna Mary Lane.


NN - , USA.

Jeep Attempting to locate any information regarding Sgt. Elmer Nutzman receiving a Silver Star for action on December 17, 1944 outside Paustenbach. Cpl. Walt Spatta received a Bronze Star for his conduct that day also. A history the 303rd Engineer Battalion details the action, but he never received the award.

C Pickett - London, England .

Jeep Could someone tell me when the last buzzbomb went off in London in 1945 WWII please - and whereabouts in London?

Family legend suggests that my grandmother was bombed in about Feb 1945 by the last buzzbomb of WWII and she lived in Fentiman Road, Lambeth/Vauxhall in London.

Many thanks.

Amy - , Isle of Wight, UK.

Jeep Hi, I'm doing A-Level History coursework at the moment, the question being: 'Discuss whether WW2 was an engine for technological advance.' Does anybody know of any sources I could use either agreeing with the statement or disagreeing? For example, any specific technological advances in the War era?

If so, could you please email me, any help would be much appreciated.


David Isherwood - Northampton, Great Britain .

Jeep Hello!
I too have been fascinated by World War II, particularly in Europe. After a great deal of research, in Germany and Poland, I came to the conclusion that Himmler (himself) did not commit suicide -so how could he arrange this'illusion'? Nobody continues to search for someone who is known to be dead. See -the book 'Himmler's Double can now be purchased from Caiman-USA, besides UK sources. Visit the site (above) and see what you think. If you live in the UK, Australia or New Zealand, a copy may already be in your public library.
Hope you find it a good read - David Isherwood -Author

Kelvin Brooks - Middlesboro, KY USA.

Jeep I would like any information anyone would know about my grandfather Weslie Leon Brooks i have his service serial number but very little information about where he served and where he fought in Europe he was killed in action 11-4-44 my grandmother had very little information anything you know would be helpful thanks

brandon - jacksonville, florida usa.

Jeep im just wondering if anybody might know my great grandfather edwin forrest. i was scrolling through fammily photos when i came upon a picture of his military uniform and his metals and i got curious i was wondering if anybody could tell me about him or anythin of the sourt i dont know much about him but i would like to learn. if u have any information email me at plz and thank you if u know anything or might have heard about him i believe in my heart that he was a gr

NN - , USA.

Jeep I am looking for anyone who might have known my mother, Katherine (Kitty) Durbrow during her service in the Women's Marine Corps 1943-1945. She had basic training in Camp Lejeune, NC, then was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, in the Motor Transport Pool. I am trying to identify a man in a photograph (see link below) with her who I think may have been my father. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with information to share.

The photograph is next link: Photograph

Walter Deas - Gold Coast, Australia.

Jeep I am seeking a photograph of Tontouta airfield in in New Caledonia circa 1942/43 when it was used the US Army as a staging post on flights to Australia. Especially interested if it shows North American B-25 Mitchell bombers on the airfield.

NN - , USA.

Jeep My wife's grandad a was birtish service men who was under the control of an american platoon during the 2nd world war. He was honoured with a D.s.c for the capture of a town called Tamara in Italy. I have spent many hours trying to find a site were i may find his honoure listed.i can't even find the battle records. Can anyone tell me a good site to look at.(i have the dates,the platoon and battalion names along with the captin who signed the recommendation).

Debbie Conner - St. Louis, Missouri.

Jeep My father was a cook in WWII and I'm trying to publish a cookbook from a manual to train Army cooks he put together during the war. I'm looking for pictures, from the war, that were taken in Army kitchens and mess halls and any comments or funny stories about the food. Thanks for your help. My number is 636-464-2660 and you have my e-mail.

Debbie Conner

Bill Benner - York Pennsylvania, USA.

Jeep I am looking for a speaker for my church's father/son banquet to be held on the Thursday or Saturday before Fathers Day. There should only be 30 to 40 people in attendance. I believe that an experienced WWII veteran will be able to address the statement "there are no atheists in fox holes". The church is located in Glen Rock Pennsylvania. Can you help? The speaker could speak between 20 and 30 minutes. There is a free dinner beforehand. Thanks.

Jim Sorenson - Clearfield, UT.

Jeep I am a fellow student of WWII history. I have a friend who is a WWII Army veteran of the South Pacific theater who has aquired a "Radio" from a Japanese "Zero" fighter. Does anyone know where we could find an organiztion or individual who would want to aquire it? I know that this is little information to go on at this point and I have requested that he give me more information. Can anyone direct me to an interested party and what information would be needed. Thank you! Jim Sorenson

thomas e bailey - elizabeth city, n. c. hi.

Jeep hi. this dorland waite ship mate with you and nelson whitehill mh phone number is [480 ] 9452840 if you can give us a buz

Howard Leveque - Ellicott City, MD USA.

Jeep Thomas, please contact me regarding the radio you mentioned. Thanks, Howard

jack - Derry, New Hampshire USA.

Jeep Hi,
My Grandfarther John William Lahey was a Marine. He fought in the Okinaw invasion. I have His Discharge papers. But little info on targeting his part exactly in the battle. I beleive He was in the six divishion but need more info. My Question is, where is more info on this a list of soldiers and units out there some where, anything or a point in the right direction would be nice.
Thank You,
John William Lahey

Erwin - Manila, Philippines.

Jeep Hello.
I'm growing up in the middle of WW-II. Happily I survived. Now I'm 65. Still busy with this part of my life. Collecting WW-II Movies. It is only a problem to get this movies. I cannot buy this here locally. Can somebody tell me where I can download this. I have only 56K but I'm used to download movies. So the "speed" is not a problem but I cannot find sites where I can download this sort of movies. Most of the time I only see games with the name if this movies.

Every help will be appreciated.


Homer Dellysse - Central Islip, USA.

Jeep Hi, I need some assistance in finding out what my fathers brother did to so honorably achieve the purple heart with oak leaf cluster,bronze star and silver star in WW11. He was killed either at the Battle of the Bulge or a bit later during the Rhine river area efforts.

He was with the 104th Infantry Regiment,26th Infantry Division and his name was Sgt.Clement Digrugillers(s/n 32340887). Uncle Clement entered the Army from NYC. He was killed 14March 1945 and is buried at the Luxembourg American Cemeetery. As it took over 30 years for my parents/family to find out where he was buried it would be quite nice to learn how he was credited with the above medals.
Thank you.

Eric & Hugh - Rye. East Sussex, England.

Jeep A plea for informationfrom from two Sussex Men who were Post World War Two children who grew up, and are still living in Sussex England. Are there any Ex Canadian Soldiers out there who were stationed at,Winchelsea Beach or Winchelsea Town in Sussex, on the South East Coast of England? We know that there were many of you here. What we would like to find out is, first hand accounts of conditions, what you did, where you lived, life in general. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank You.

Randy - Delmar, USA.

Jeep I am in need of some assistance and this looks like a great site to find it. With 1,500 WW2 vets passing each day, there are many stories being lost forever. I am working on a book to tell the stories of the vets in a partiular section of our country which will include Merchant Marines as well. I am not sure just when the US was first attacked (Merchant Marine ships carrying supplies to England)by Germany nor when the war was unofficially over. By this I mean afterwards, we had occupation of Japan and grave registration all over the Pacific and Europe. Those service personnel will also be included. Additionally,in an effort to make it easier on this 'greatest generation', I am looking to identify the countries that were involved in the Pacific Theater, the European Theater, and the Eastern Front.

Thanx for your assistance on this matter.

Peter Brown - Bundaberg, Australia.

Jeep Does anyone know of any publications on the 2nd World War written from the Russian perspective, in english text and where I can get a copy?

willie ancarrow jr - , us.

Jeep MY father has a flag from japan with writings on it. We would like to find out what it says, do you know where i can send pictures to and get it translated. thanks .

Petra - Danville, USA .

Jeep I have original B/W photos of Venlo,The Netherlands, after bombing as well as of my grandfather upon his return from a camp. A local historian told me these photos could be a significant addition to a WWII museum. I have no idea who to contact, these are family photos which we have had in a shoebox and never thought twice about,my mother and father both lived in Holland until after the war.

The world seems kinder when you're laafing!
Petra's Laafing

Marguerite Martin - ,.

Jeep My brother, Captain James Nicholas Blake was a soldier in the British Army.He was the recipient of the Military Cross and was a Captain when the war came to an end. I have no clear knowledge as to the bravery that was the reason for the award, as he never spoke of it.
I would like to hear from any one who can direct me as to how to access this information
M. Martin

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