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Fiona Roberts - , UK.

Jeep I am currently writing a book on the Holocaust and am looking for survivors or their families and liberators or their families who may be willing to share their stories with me.
If you think you can help please contact:

Victoria Barreto - New Orleans, Louisiana, US .

Jeep I am a graduate student at the University of New Orleans and an employee at the LSU Health Sciences Center in the same city. The LSU School of Medicine will celebrate its 75th Anniversary next year, and we are writing a book to commemorate the occasion.

My research has turned my attention to the 64th General Hospital, which, as you might well know, operated in the Mediterranean theater of operations during 1943 and 1944. The Hospital was apparently attached to Fifth Army, and was stationed first in Tunisia, North Africa, and, later, at Maddaloni (Caserta) and Leghorn (Livorno), Italy, as the Fifth moved up the Italian peninsula.

The 64th was made up of many members from Louisiana, several of whom studied or worked at the LSU Medical School.

Do you have any information about the 64th? Were you a veteran of it? Were your family members part of the unit? If so, please contact me at the email listed below.

Any information that you could give me would be really important to the project, and would, of course, carry all the recognition that scholarly practice mandates.

Thank you so much for your help.

Victoria Barreto


Betty Stoner - Lake Ariel, PA 18436 USA.

Jeep My late father was an American soldier during WWII. My sister and I spent some time at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. last summer. It was a pilgrimage, of sorts, for us, since we had spent hours sitting at the dinner table listening to Dad's war stories. I was young and didn't realize the historical importance of those tales. He drove a half-track in the Third Armored Division during WWII. Are there any surviving soldiers (or their offspring) from the Spearhead Division who also heard these stories?

patricia lamb - fullerton, u.s.a .

Jeep I need some expert advice. My husband brought 4 old anchors home and I want to list them on EBay. I'm trying to find out some history and value before I do anything, I don't want to get taken advantage of. The one that seems to be of any importance is, Aprox. 57" high, Solid iron about 200lbs. The writting on one side reads (LBS 1942 U.S. Navy) the other side reads (Berkeley Cal. Pat no. 2249546 160). I will send a photo, Let me know what you think.

The photograph is next link: Anchors

Juha Turman - Helsinki, Finland.

Jeep Hello everybody!

Does anyone remember Latil M2TL6 truck/tractor 1938-->?
Used to towing guns.

If you have pictures or anything that you like share to me, please e-mail to me.

here is address to my Latil-pages,please write to guestbook! :

Mike Dall - Deerfield Beach, FL, USA.

Jeep My dad, George H. Dall, was a Staff Sargent and a member of the fighting Blue Devils, 88th Division, 351st infantry, E company. I was thinking about him all day today - Memorial Day 2006.

The "Greatest Generation" is dying away ans tere will never be a generation like them.

He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Silver Star. He said he was like any other GI in Italy. Just trying to make it home.

I love him and miss him.

Mike Dall

Frank J. Culotta - , USA.

Jeep To Capt. Jack A Savage US Army 674 QuarteMaster
WW 2 or any one that was in this Co.
I was the company clerj

Frank J. Culotta

E Mail:

Would like to hear from you

Beth - , .

Jeep I am looking for David Greene who was at Chelveston in 1944 with the US Air Army Corps/Quartermasters. It is believed that he treined as a DR at Fort Lee Va before coming to Europe.

Any information on him would be welcomed

montanye - Blue Bell, PA USA.

Jeep found a silver box with the following inscribed:
To M/Sgt Charles J Barnes
1st Sgt Sv Btry 82d F A Bn
camp Whittington, Honshu, Japan
Sv Btry Commander

If anyone would know what this is or how to research it please respond to

Brad Garrad - Melbourne, Australia.

Jeep I am searching for information on my grandfather, Albert William Moody Garrad. He served with Allied forces in North Africa during World War 2. He was a military doctor living in India prior to the war and to the best of my knowledge he would have served with the Royal Army Medical Corps in North Africa during WW2 as it was prior to Indian Independence.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any knowledge of him or advice about how to further my search.

Scott C - , Australia.

Jeep Can someone tell me the name of the rockets that the Germans fired across the channel at London during WWII - The German name & also the name the Pommies called them

George Wing - North Little Rock, AR USA.

Jeep World War II enthusiasts and veterans in Arkansas: The Shepherd Center, which meets in North Little Rock is preparing for a series of eight seminars beginning the end of March-06 to interview and hears speakers on WW-II experiences. Interested person should contact others about this and e-mail me.
George Wing
Shepherd Center Oral History Committee Co-Chairman

STEVEN LAMY - london, england.

Jeep my grandad served with the 51st higland division . he was in burma, el alamein,arnem , dunkirk . sadly he past away in 1987 . he never spoke about his time during the war . im trying to find out what army or reg he belonged to . i think his was in the 7th black watch but not sure . his name is ALBERT EDWARD HART . if any one has any info i would be very grateful . many thanks

Jack G - cleveland, ohio USA.

Jeep how many us army generals were killed in ww 2. how many generals (US) all branches of the military were killed in ww 2.

Angela - Durham, UK.

Jeep I am trying to help an old soldier from the DLI retrace his wartime experiences. He was captured at Dunkirk and ended up in Stalag 8b. He was sent to a work camp at a coal mine in Siersza near Trzebinia. He is trying to find out the name of the Sergeant in charge of the work camp (The Man of Confidence) He was from County Durham or Northumberland, spoke with a slight lisp and had trouble pronouncing his R's. Does anyone remember him?

We are trying to find out the number of the working camp, one of his fellow POW's was a Mauri who was the New Zealand Army Division Heavy Weight Champion boxer.

He would also like to get in touch with the family of one of his fellow prisoners who was killed in a accident whilst working in the coal mine in July 1944. He was about 23 or 24 years old, from London. We think he may have been Pte Harry Williams of the 5th Battalion of the Hampshire Regt who died on the 15th July 1944 and is buried at the Cracow Rakowicki Cemetery.

If anyone can help please get in touch.

Simon LeFranc - , .

Jeep I am looking for the rationale for the SILVER STAR (or for the wording on the citation) awarded to a U.S. Army soldier who died in October 1944 and is buried at Lorraine American Cemetery in France. I am not a relative and I do not have information on the soldier's surviving family. Where can I find the citation or reason for this medal? Many thanks.

Leslie B. Clark - Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

Jeep My grandfather's World War II metals were lost. Do you have any ideas on who I could contact to try to get duplicates of the medals that he received? His name was William Lee Ellerbe. Thanks! My email address is

Cathy Sykes - Wolfeboro, New Hampshire US.

Jeep We have 10,000 to 15,000 WWII books for sale. Anyone interested in a wholesale situation? If so, please email or call 603-569-0000

Terry Haun - Emmett, Idaho USA.

Jeep Herb Haun, my father, served in WW11 and received the Bronze Star and Silver Star. He was a medic and served in North Africa and Italy from 1942 to 1945. He entered the Army from Oregon, but was originally from Nebraska. Twelve years ago he was killed by a train and we would like to know more. He also received a Battle Field commission from General Mark W. Clark. If you served with him or have any information our family would appreciate it! Thanks a million...
Terry Haun

Bill Winchell - Dallas, Texas USA.

Jeep Can anyone tll me where the BERGA POW Camp was located. The US Army prisoners were 82nt and 102st Airborne.

Petra - Danville, USA .

Jeep I have original B/W photos of Venlo,The Netherlands, after bombing as well as of my grandfather upon his return from a camp. A local historian told me these photos could be a significant addition to a WWII museum. I have no idea who to contact, these are family photos which we have had in a shoebox and never thought twice about,my mother and father both lived in Holland until after the war.

The world seems kinder when you're laafing!
Petra's Laafing

Marguerite Martin - ,.

Jeep My brother, Captain James Nicholas Blake was a soldier in the British Army.He was the recipient of the Military Cross and was a Captain when the war came to an end. I have no clear knowledge as to the bravery that was the reason for the award, as he never spoke of it.
I would like to hear from any one who can direct me as to how to access this information
M. Martin

Lynn Travis McCullough - Bentonville, USA.

Jeep I wish to garner more information on the "war powers act" or whatever the name is giving powers to the government which have never been rescinded. can anyone out there give me more info and/or websites I can go to to get a more complete reading of this act or resolution or whatever it may be named. this is for a research project i am doing.
Lynn Travis McCullough

Sandra Scott - Melbourne, Australia .

Jeep I am trying to find on line - where I could get in touch with someone who could help me get a copy of my Father's Naval Records -

His name is Henry Clifford Ridley Scott (resided in the UK)

I know he was aboard the HMS Ransey on 22nd September 1943 as I have a Certificate for Wounds and Hurts.

Rank - Stoker

Official Number P/KX 113382

I would appreciate any information


Sandra Scott

Dennis - Petaluma, USA.

Jeep This is a WWII history question concerning Boy Scouts in 1941. A friend of mine that is a retired medical doctor (age 77) and an Eagle Scout shared the following story with us and it seems unusual. He lived in northern California at the start of the war and was a boy scout. He indicated that during the early part of the war, the Japanese were sending up balloons into the jet stream loaded with flammable material that would explode or cause fires if they burst. And, that the war department did not want the Japanese to know that the "balloons" were making it to the West Coast. So the war department did not want to use newspapers or the radio to get the information out to the public for fear the Japanese would hear of the success and continue with the "balloons. He told us that some people decided to spread the word by having Boy Scouts speak to their classroom friends. This retired physician also indicated that a number of fires and some deaths had occurred on the Northern California Coast do to the "balloons"

Do you have any information or leads that might help us this the research to determine?

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