About Us

PR Aviation is an independent organization, whose objective it is to provide airline & air travel information to business and pleasure travelers, as well as aviation enthusiasts. Our target market is business-to-consumers, fulfilling a liaison function between e.g. airlines and consumers, as well as business-to-business. The main method to achieve this, in our opinion, is by providing the information and services over the web.

PR Aviation has currently developed a number of products and has planned various other projects, each resulting in separate PR Aviation Websites. Besides the projects started, there are many other ideas in the pipeline.
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PR Aviation's owners & management
PR Aviation was first established in April 2001 as a VOF (Firm). The company changed its status to a BV (Ltd) in February 2004, with 4 principal shareholders.



PR Aviation BV
Soesterbergsestraat 120-B
3768 EL Soest


Tel.: +31 (0)35 602309
eMail: support@pr-aviation.com


Board of Directors:
Walter Goffin (CEO)
Robert van Helsdingen (COO)


Company Registration Number IHK NL : NL32088592
VAT Number: NL 813217465 B01

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