Miscellaneous Internet sites

Miscellaneous Internet sites

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  1. Which Searcher? - searchers tested, read the results here
  2. Cool site of the Day
  3. CyberSim Systems - a Houston based Internet Service Provider and an applied Virtual Reality computer technology corporation
  4. Electronic text files about the Net
  5. The Official HTML 2.0 Specifications Document

  6. IAN Web Resources - Survey of news pages on the World Wide Web
  7. IDS Integrated Data Systems - demo version of Virtual Reality Modeling Language available here
  8. Image bank - lots of public domain icons and pictures for inclusion on your home page
  9. The Internet Guide - Information about various subjects, from cars to leisure time.
  10. Internet World home page - One of the oldest and long-living magazines about the Internet. A good place to find information about Internet

  11. IRC Channels
  12. Mailing lists explained - a guide to using listserv
  13. Martijns Web Projects
  14. Home page of Martin Los
  15. The .net directory - the monthly UK internet magazine

  16. News of the weird
  17. Open Virtual Reality Testbed Movie Samples
  18. Portable Graphics - demo version of Virtual Reality Modeling Language available here
  19. The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
  20. The Unofficial Smiley FAQ

  21. Smileys on a server in Estland
  22. URoulette - Random site
  23. URoulette ; random site (New URL)
  24. University of Sao Paolo Visual Computing and Interactive Media - Research in high performance graphics, image processing, scientific visualization, computer music, virtual reality and multimedia
  25. VRASP - Virtual Reality Alliance of Students and Professionals

  26. Knowing more about Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML)
  27. VR World - columns, articles, and news about virtual reality developments and applications
  28. What's On - Internet. The entire list of reviews ever published in the English magazine Internet (ISSN 1355-6428)
  29. WWW Viewer Test Page
    How much can your Web browser do? Find out at this test site, which provides test samples and points you to add-on software you might find useful.
  30. WWW Virtual Library - many links to exploratory Websites

  31. Hack site # 1 and Hack site # 2

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