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This page contains only links which are hard to find via search engines, or are TMHO worth mentioning.
Agrotel b.v. - Agricultural datacommunication with amongst others agricultural weather forecasts, market statistics, and recent news.(obsolete)
The American Book Center in Amsterdam - the knowledge print
Andy's Anagram Generator - also in Dutch


Banned books on-line - Every book, banned wherever on this planet, can be found here. (obsolete)
Birthday Calendar of Dutch celebrities (obsolete)
World Birthday Web (obsolete)
Books: free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide has a lot of great info.

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Cams can be found via, and
Chemical elements (in Dutch)
CTB - Commissie Toelating Bestrijdingsmiddelen
Cryptologic Museum - of the National Security Agency (NSA)


Dead People Server - if you are in doubt whether an old celebrity is still alive or deceased. (currently not available)


Easter eggs and Database
European Patent Office - Intergovernmental European organization which grants patents valid troughout 18 European countries.


FAQ Finder - Where to find the FAQ you need?
Monthly magazine Focus - a Dutch journal for photographers
The Formula One Web site where I normally get the results.
Formula 1 Racing - The latest news and background information about Formula One.


Genealogy - Salt Lake City
Faculty of Geographic Sciences at the Utrecht University in The Netherlands
Go  * NGoB - Nederlandse Go Bond
 * Up to date information on all major Japanese title matches. A large collection of professional Go games, recent and from the past. A large amount of study tools.
 * Interactive European Go Magazine by Emil Nijhuis.
 * Kiseido go world news
 * Nihon Ki-in
 * Yomiuri Shimbun
Project Gutenberg - hundreds of old books
Another Gutenberg link.


HCC - Hobby Computer Club
Sun Hot Java - modular browser info
html course


IBM Personal Computers
Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland
Investor guide - offers many links to stock prices, portfolio management, price charts, etc.
IRE - Investigative Reporters and Editors
IQ test (average)
I&Q Group,
Uncommonly difficult IQ tests

Java User Group (currently not available)


KMI, Ukkel - Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut België

Leica - in Deutscher Sprache and English. Leitz, Wetzlar: the producer of the famous Leica camera.
Dutch Lyrics Archive (killed...)
The International Lyrics Server

The fascinating world of maps and mapping
McAfee - the virus attacker
The Internet Movie Database


New York Times - newspaper (or


2004 Summer Olympics - the games to be held at Athens, Greece, from 13 to 29 August, 2004
XX Olympic Winter Games - to be held held at Turin, Italy, from 10 to 26 February 2006


Perl index page
How to compute digits of pi?
The Foresight Exchange Prediction Market. The probability of several claims can be derived from imaginary buying and selling prices. The structure of the new site may be different from that of the old site, so you may need to browse the new site to find the exact page you desire.


Joan's Dutch Royal Geneaology - Genealogy of the Royal family of The Netherlands (Oranje-Nassau) starting in the 15th century.


Safetynet Security Café - security and antiVirus - free evals
Satellite pictures. Meteosat images from the University of Nottingham.
Soccer World Championship 2006
Stock Exchange Amsterdam (euronext)


Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide


UFO and aliens page


VAS home page (Dutch chess club)


Wageningen University of Agriculture
Weather maps, black and white, isobars, fronts
Weather maps and satellite pictures.
Another fine German site where a choice can be made between various thematic weather maps, as well as outlooks in three-hour steps. (geopotential 500 hPa) and "Profi Karten".
Women's interest
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wildlife Fund


XML course
XML guide

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