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Tank line

mary reid - , new zealand

Jeep I have heard their is information somewhere about ukraine missing presumed dead soldiers from ww11. I found something at the latter day saints but am not sure how to get the information list. Looking for help
thanks mary

Gary Lindrea - perth, Western australia

Jeep Hi my name is Gary I am from western Australia. Myself and 3 friends are about to embark on a north west trip mainly to explore the possibility of still hidden bunkers in the north west. One of the 3 spot we are going to is the Certain ranges directly west of a well on the canning stock track where a old prospector I had once met had told us of a story about some bunkers in the side of the hills in the north west side of the ranges.The Second spot is a lot harder and needs to be researched a lot more . That came from a dozer driver that had been doing seismic oil line in a so called strait line from a Certain beach . The story goes like this !! He was driving his dozer with the blade down cutting a path for the drill rig when the dozer stoped hard going up a small rise . Thinking it was some sort of tree stump he back up and tried again. Same thing happened. So he got down to investigated only to find a large steel door. He used a large chain and opened this so called door and inside was old US army gear re closed the door and left to return latter only to die of a heart attack a year or so latter . Now we have this information from a second hand source being the driver good friend we are going to visit him next week for as much info as we can get before we leave. Would you have heard anything about this? ( We have all heard of the camp fire stories and the pub stories and this may well be the case ) But It will still be a good interesting trip either way anyone interested in joining us ??. we also have some info on some old bunkers near the certain Mine close to marble bar. We intend checking these out as well we have aerial photos of theses .Also I have some photos of what looks like a large runway with 3 humps either side. When I look at this photo it looks like that there are hangers that are buried there .This is on a station in the far north west of western Australia theses photos were taking by a friend of mine doing aerial photography . Anyhow would anyone know of any info (like maps , charts and so on) That may be of use to us or any stories anyone may have heard of the north of west Australia not yet confirmed that we may investigated?? Thanks very much for your time

Yours Gary

Robert Stone - San Pedro, USA .

Jeep anyone who knows something about WWII machineguns message=Hello i have a very important project i have to do in the next few days and i need some information on the machine guns(American + Russian) of WWII. If anyone knows anything about them could you please contact me at or im me at Thankyou very much for your time. If you have any pictures please send tem to me. I thankyou again for helping a kid out.

Sheena P - Hudson, USA.

Jeep I would be so interested and happy to hear from anyone who may have known my dad. He was a corporal in the Polish Home Army, or free poles, His name was Stanislaw Victor Stasilowicz. He was in a Soviet prison camp, and a German camp, after the war he went to Scotland, He was a decorated soldier, and was given the Polish Cross, which I believe to be a pretty prestigious medal?? I am probably looking foe a needle in a haystack, but who Knows????

Jennifer -Fort Worth, USA.

Jeep I am trying to find out what the meaning of "G.I." is as applied to describing American soldiers. Jenne

Janet - Franklin Square, NY USA.

Jeep Hi,

I am trying to find out some information regarding a battle that was fought in Italy at a monastery or church during WWII. My father ( who has been deceased over 20 years) received a Silver Star medal for his participation in this battle. I am just trying to find out, if possible, what exactly happened and where exactly is this monastery. Thanks for reading my message.

Tom Robertson - Orangevale, USA.

Jeep This may seem naive but I am looking for a short definitive answer on why we went to war against germany. My students know japan attacked us but they are confused about germany. In this day and age this is relevant. Most historians just say-- we joined the war after Pearl Harbor--not enough for the present day distrust of government.

Elite Engineer Publishing - .

Jeep Dear Tom,
I am honored that you thought to ask me. I am old (born 1957) but not old enough to know what caused America to enter the war overhere in Europe. America and Europe are far away and should stay apart always. There was certainly a huge percent of the US population that was isolationist (including heroes like Charles Lindbergh) and wanted no part of someone else's war. Too many US boys had been lost in the first war and in 1939 Europe had erupted once more. No one outside of Germany even guessed how bad the Nazis were about to really be. Since it was the attack at Pearl Harbor that pushed the US over the edge, I would suggest the book "At Dawn We Slept" by Gordon William Prange. It is very well researched and has a very complete bibliography which could help locate other sources. The US was already in an undeclared war with the German Navy and had lost the destroyer "USS Reuben James" on 31 Oct 1941 to a U-Boat with the loss of 100 sailors. The US Marine 1st Division was "protecting" the Danish territory of Iceland since 1 July 1941 in order to prevent a U-Boat base being established there. Looking back from 2003, it is hard to see why no one expected an attack from the Empire of Japan once her oil exports were cut off in August 1941. But the short answer to your question would have to be the dishonorable, sneak attack on the US at Pearl Harbor. Next, Hitler foolishly honored his treaty with Japan and declared war on the US. This gave F.D.R. the excuse he had been looking for in order to have Congress declare war on Germany as well as Japan. It is interesting to note that while it was Japan who attacked first, it was Germany which was thought to be the greater threat and needed to crushed first. Hitler must have thought that Japan would return the favor and help him out when he attacked the USSR. He somehow must not have known about the Japanese defeats at the hands of the Soviets in 1938 and 1939 in Mongolia. Maybe because neither the Japanese nor the Soviets ever talked about it. But on 13 April 1941 a neutrality pact was signed between the Empire of Japan and the Soviet Union, which remained in effect until the Soviets denounced it on 29 April 1945. He must have known about that.

Elite Engineer Publishing

NICK COYLE - UK Cheshire.

Jeep I am trying to find out any information about a disused WW11 RAF base in Bodorgan on the isle of Anglesey.

Sylvia Lister - West Cumbria, England .

Jeep I am researching James Weir who was a Canadian serving in RCAF/RAF in WW11. He was in PEMBROKE DOCK South Wales UK in 1944. My story is on although his ID is wrong and I have only guessed at the squadrons. I have learned that in WW11 a lot of crews were international so he may have flown with RAAF/USAF.He is/was very tall with a fair complexion. Any information would be very warmly welcomed. Many thanks for this opportunity. Sylvia Lister

William Gallant - Attleboro, Mass USA.

Jeep I am looking to find out who all our allies were in WWII for USA and how many troops they supplied.

Todd Hazelmyer - Minneapolis, MN USA .

Jeep I am looking for the number of French Casualties in WWII. I am thinking it was quite high, but have some doubt. Any help, links would be appreciated.

Brian Harrison - Spokane, WA. U.S.A.

Jeep I am curious, though I may seem naive, as to the exact or near-exact date the U.S. Selective Service draft was issued in America. Any information regarding this and standard issue armaments in the U.S. Infantry would be greatly appreciated. Please email any replies or questions to me at Thanks again for your vast knowledges in the pursuit of history.

Brian Harrison

Woodrow W. Miller - St. Albans, WV/USA.

Jeep My father served in the 198th Anti-Aircraft C-Battery 1944, on Middleburg Island Fighter Air Strip. I'm looking for anyone that can help with anytype of information, photo's or text on this.

Thank You, Mark Miller a proud son of a WWII Vet.


Jeep My father Alexander Chisholm was in the airbourne division in operation market garden where he was subsequently shot and wounded and became a prisoner of war. In his later years he would revisit Arnham on a yearly basis. He told me it was to bury his ghosts. He was treat very well and often stayed with the same family out there. Unfortunately he died ten years ago and although i now have three children he only lived to see two of them. I would like to tell them more about the father i was very proud of and about the history of the battle. If i am lucky enough to here from any veterans or from the family and people of Arnham iwould be very greatfull.

Earl D Bronner - Cathlamet, Wa. USA.

Jeep My dad Earl D Bronner served with the 24th. Inf. Divison in WW11, Do thay have a Veterans Association Web Site? Or does anyone no where i can get history on the 24th. during WW11? I no he was at Latee, Luzon, Philipno Liberation,and was sent to Korea for police action! If anyone has info, you can contact me at

Earl D Bronner Jr

Glenn Little - Kankakee, USA.

Jeep Recently my father-in-law passed away. He was in Co.K, 152nd regiment, 38th division. He served in the Philippines and in the Asia theater. We would like any information regarding what campaigns or battles his unit served in. We are missing some battle stars, unit patch, and other military records. Do you know of any links or sites that we can go to in order to gather more information? Thank-you.

Bill Wasson - Martinsburg, USA.

Jeep I am looking for any information on my father George William Wasson JR (they may have called him "Buddy"). He served during WWII with the 17th Airborne Division, 681st Glider Field Artillery Battalion. He never talked about it much so any information on him or the Battalion would greatly be appreciated.

Herb Christensen - Elk Horn,IA USA.

Jeep My father Arnold Christensen served with the 3802 Quartermaster Truck Company which was made from the 476th Quartermaster Truck Regiment just prior to leaving the Desert Training Center for ETO on 29 Dec 1943. They landed on Omaha Beach D + 6 and served with the XX Corps through the Bulge and liberation of Dachau. They were garrisoned in Gauting Germany HQ Tutzing Germany. He drove Gen Patton from his residence in Starnberg into Munich several times. Please email me with any information about this unit. I believe they left CA with the 4th Armored and went over with them as all the dates match including landing in Normandy.

freda(pressnell) halcomb - toledo ohio, usa.

Jeep I am trying to find any info on my father paul pressnell he was in china From 1943 to 1945 his unit was The 26th ftr sq 5th ftr gp.CACW..Does anyone know About this Unit. we think he was in second wave of the the Flying Tiger's. any info would be appreciated,His M.O.S. was ap& Eng.mech.747 His Diccharge say's that his Unit was Demobilized at the :covn of Gov. RR-1 demobilization ar 615-365 15 Dec 44. any information on this unit will help in my Search for info on this Unit. you may Reach me at : Thank you in Advance
Freda(Pressnell) Halcomb

Branimir Pečut - 35000 Sl. Brod Croatia.

Jeep I would like to find out more about my late fathers whereabouts during the WWII while he was a German soldier. My Father served as anti aircraft gunner somwhere in west Germany in the period between 1943- 1945. His name is MIrko Pesut. He was born in Brodski Stupnik in 1925 in Croatia/Yugoslavia. The first training centre he was allocated to was Wiener Neusadt. His unit comprised Croatian fellows.He was taken prisoner at Hamburg by the British forces and he stayed in their POW camp and was released in August 1945. What I would like to know is to find out more about his unit and posibble survivors his former commerads. My father died in 1987.All I know is that he spent his millitary service in West Germany at various locations as 8,8cm FLAK soldier. If anybody can provide some information, as to who to turn to or if someby knows anything about his unit I would be very glad.

Richard H. Goms Jr. - Salt Lake City, UT USA.

Jeep I have in my possession an autographed first edition of the book "I Solemly Swear", written by my cousin, Sgt. Robert Morris Brown (1912 - 1998), in 1957. It is the true story of his experiences as a Japanese POW. Captured on Correigidor, he is a survivor of the Oryoku Maru. The book was not widely circulated at the time and is now almost impossible to find. It tells a story that needs to be told. He goes into great detail about both Japanese and American attrocities in the camps and on the prison ships, including black-marketeering, treason, vampirism, and cannibalism. He tells the names and ultimate fate of many of the men who were with him, which may or may not be known. Before his death, I asked him if he belonged to any POW organizations, but he replied that he "was not a joiner."

I have made it into an eBook. It is available for $12.00. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, send me an email at


Richard H. Goms Jr.
320 Gordon lane, #E11
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
(801) 904-3201

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Tank line

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