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Catherine Leipold - Melbourne Australia.

Jeep I am looking for any information on German enlistment records. I can't seem to find anything on the web so far. Can someone help me?

Irene - , England.

Jeep I am compiling a series of books on WWII. These books are the personal memories and experiences of the men and women who served in WWII, I am looking for the memories and experiences from all WWII campaigns, I am also dedicating one of these books to children during WWII and women During WWII, if you or a family member or any one you know would like their stories added to one of these books, I would love to hear from you. I have already completed one book on Normandy, which will be published this year.
Please contact me

David Skellington - , UK.

Jeep im a student currently studying ww2 for both history and religious studies. one of the questions i have been asked to find ut about is whether war was a lastresort. could any one help me with my problem? please reply if you can. regards

Jessica - , USA.

Jeep I'm looking for any African Americans, Women, Hispanics and/or Japanese-Americans that went through WWII, or any quotes or information on them. please help.

Heather Morgan - new orleans, usa .

Jeep I have been trying to find my father for some years now--lost touch with him in 1970--he was in Toronto scottish regiment and went to war at 18 in 1939 he was mia for some time but survived and lucky for me as here I am --he had a hard time rentering the "world" --I remember those times as very tough in toronto just post war-- 1946--jobs scarce --for us anyway-- I saw it again with Vietnam vets who were treated poorly later on-- and I remember vividly a humiliating parade just prior to his leaving where draft dodgers and Rochedale druggies yelled at all the WWII vets as they marched on Rememberance Day in Toronto--maybe 68-- medals all glistening, shoes "spit and polished"-- shoulders back sporting poppies on their lapels--and .... incessant heckling--I was so very angry and those men were too but wouldn't show it through their pride. Well my dad was "wild and woolly" kind of like brave heart ready to take up the cause and he behaved that day-I was proud of him on several levels --- and I just wonder if he is still alive --he deserved more--
My name is Heather
his name is John or Jack Morgan he would be about 82 godwilling

beth - Bradford, England.

Jeep hia everyone! I'm 12 and have loved everything about WWII since i was little.My idol is Anne frank. She was fantastic, by the way this page has really helped me with my project on WWII for school. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISS KIS xoxoxoo

Tom Hayes - Cardiff, Wales UK.

Jeep Can anyone tell me how travel between Ireland and the UK, especially between Holyhead and Dublin or Belfast, was possible between 1939 and 1942? Eire was neutral, Northern Ireland at war and German plans and U-boats could easily enter the Irish Sea.

doug morgan - brisbane, australia.

Jeep Can anyone give me information on a soldier in ww2 whose name was Pape (I believe Richard Pape) and whose name was given to a wine called Chataeauneuf du Pape. He wrote a book which I believe was called 'Boldness Be My Friend" - not quite sure of this. He was, I believe (my memory is now faint) a friend of the French underground and caused the enemy a load of trouble. By his actions the French named a wine after him, as I have stated. Odhams (the book publishers) printed his story after the war. Just a query if someone is interested in replying. wWth thanks.
Doug Morgan

Jan - , .

Jeep We have found some military shirt brass of a relative. It's appears to be an ocelot? Can anyone tell me what this signifies?

J Hart - LaGrange, Indiana, United States.

Jeep I am looking for information on my father, James Franklin Hart, who served in the European Theater during the war from 1944-1946 or possibly 1947. He served in the 11th battalion, D-company, possibly Special Forces. I also know that he guarded prisoners like Rudolf Hess and Herman Goering for the Nazi War Crimes Trials. I have been looking for his army records on the internet, but cannot find them. Can anyone help me with this problem? I also know that he had family on the German side of the war.

Brian - Penarth Wales, U.K.

Jeep Are there any oldtimers from the U.S. Construction Battalions (SeeBees) recall their wartime days in PENARTH U.K. where they were building a hospital while based on their boats in the docks. Also tank drivers who embarked for D Day from Penarth.

Can anyone recall their comrades Harry Smith (Tx) or Roy Spencer (possibly of Yakima Wa.)

Charles William Hill/ 2/17 Infantry Battalion 9th Division - Lismore, Australia.

Jeep Seeking information,photos reguarding Lae Finchaven.

Gwendolyn Dyer - Warszawa, Poland.

Jeep I wonder if you can help me. I am looking for information on HMS Glory. The ship that the WWII poet Charles Causley was on. Also any information on the poet. I am a mature disabled student at De Montfort University Leicester G.B. I am doing a combined honours degree in History, Media Studies And Education. My dissertation subject is the affect on people (mainly in Coventry UK) during the blitz. Hoping you can help
many thanks

David Harding - Omaha, USA .

Jeep Can someone define the term "foreign observer" as it was used in the European theatre by Allied forces? Is the correct term "forward observer" or was there something called a "foreign observer"?


Ron Henderson - Marietta, Georgia.

Jeep I am looking for information regarding a relative who served in WWII. His name is Charles C. Adams from Laurens, South Carolina. He was a Staff Sergeant and later a Captain in the 5th Army 3rd Battalion, L Company at the time of his death. He was involved in heavy fighting on Mount Lungo or Lunzo near Mignano, Italy on or about November 11 thru November 20, 1944.He went with his unit after that on into France and Germany. He was declared MIA on January 3,1945. He was in combat in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Southern France, and Germany. He received 2 purple hearts, 2 silver stars with oakleaf clusters, 2 bronze stars, and the soldier's medal. This man saw a lot of action. Can anyone out there help me find out anymore information on his life, his death, his place of burial(if one exists)?
Thanks, Ron Henderson

Ann - Houston, USA

Jeep I am looking for information for my Government class. WWII came up in our disucssion of South Asia today and mention by the teach was the fact that the United States sent a team of two people to Japan after WWII. Their purpose was to assist in reconstruction of Japan. Apparantly the team consisted of one US economist and one US Army General.

Can anyone tell me the names of those two men, or point me to a website where I can find them? I have looked and dozens of websites, however, all discuss WWII at much higher level and/or concentrate on the events or WWII with little or nothing on the aftermath.

The information is needed for a 10 AM central time class tomorrow.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

catherine - holcombe, usa

Jeep I am trying to find anyone who can help me find some of my dad's service buddies. His name was Berthold Ericksen, and he went by the nickname of Eric. He was last stationed in Belfast, NI, where he met and married my mom. My dad was a member of the Army band, and Lionel Croteau was his Warrant Officer Director. The nickname of the drummer in the band was Blackie. My dad was a member of the 2nd Infantry, Fifth Division Red Diamonds. I know that one of my dad's army buddies was a Milo Schudmen from Michigan. He also had a friend who's name was either Lee Russell, or Russell Lee. My dad passed away in 1971 at the age of 57, due to complications of Parkinson's Disease. Any information I get will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance, Catherine

Nicole Evans - , US

Jeep Hello! I am a pupil who has been asked to write a report on World War Two. Basically, I need to talk to someone about what WW2 was like and maybe get some information. I need all the help I can get. Whoever replies to this, I am very grateful!!

Shawn - Sunbury, USA

Jeep I Have a lot of memorabilia of the war that i would like to sell. I have tons of actual pictures of the war concentration camps and many many others. I have tons of stamps with and without post marks. I have Nazi aluminum silverware with some kind of Nazi smybol on the bottom. All Authentic and i can have pictures of whatever you want and i can have a detailed list of what exactly i have Just send me a email with what you are interested in and if you would like a list.

Kathy Vargas (NOVOBILSKY) - San Diego, California USA

Jeep I am searching for any information on my mother who was born in Poland and her sister. Both were forced to a concentration camp. My aunt was forced to help out as a doctor/nurse with the promise that her parents would not be killed. She discovered they were in fact killed and she and (my mother) and brother escaped to US. there names were Helena or Halina Bartnicowicz and Margaret Marie also the brother was Edward. Information is that Halina was a veterinarian or some type of doctor during this time. They are all gone but maybe someone out there has any info. Thank you email

Joan Rice - Hueytown, USA

Jeep I am looking for anyone that might have known something about my uncle, Clifton Williams. He was from Birmingham, Alabama. He was killed in France while digging his foxhole. Also anyone that might have known my dad, Clint williams, also from birmingham, Alabama. He served on the USS Diptha.

matt wharton - Bromsgrove, England

Jeep Does anyone know of, or remember Bob Pinchin? he's my grandad.

Sandra Tapp - Columbus, USA

Jeep Hello to everyone. I am looking for some information on my Grandfather Charles Bowman. He died in September of 1946 in a car accident in the states. I am told he served in the army during World War 2 and that he was one of the soldiers "left behind" by General McArthur in the Phillipines. What I wanted to know are a few things.... Does anyone remeber him? I s there a place I can search for alist of people who were there at the time? Where would I find information on him in particular. My mother knows noone from his side of the family. All I know is he had a twin sister and he was from a place called Mortons Gap Kentucky. I am very interested to find out more,including his time in service but I can't seem to find anywhere to look. Any information would be most helpful. Thanks a bunch. Sandra Tapp


Jeep HI


Betty Stoner - , USA

Jeep My late father was an American soldier during WWII. I am hoping that you can help me find some information about two pieces of folk art that he gave me. They are pictures of butterflies which were apparently created to help raise money to rebuild Berlin. Each butterfly is on a piece of plywood and made, as the information on the back explains, out of the rubble of Berlin. They are numbered: T-320 and L-461. The text painted or printed on the plywood says, "In memory of summer 1945" in the upper corners, and beneath each butterfly are the words, "Made of the rubbish of the ruins of BERLIN." There is a typed message on the back of each, explaining that the various colored texturs used in creating the butterfly was made from the bricks, mortar, and other rubble created by the WWII bombing of Berlin Have you heard of these butterflies? Since these are numbered, I assume that there are many more like them, but have not been able to find any reference to them in any of my research.

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