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Dennis - Petaluma, USA.

Jeep This is a WWII history question concerning Boy Scouts in 1941. A friend of mine that is a retired medical doctor (age 77) and an Eagle Scout shared the following story with us and it seems unusual. He lived in northern California at the start of the war and was a boy scout. He indicated that during the early part of the war, the Japanese were sending up balloons into the jet stream loaded with flammable material that would explode or cause fires if they burst. And, that the war department did not want the Japanese to know that the "balloons" were making it to the West Coast. So the war department did not want to use newspapers or the radio to get the information out to the public for fear the Japanese would hear of the success and continue with the "balloons. He told us that some people decided to spread the word by having Boy Scouts speak to their classroom friends. This retired physician also indicated that a number of fires and some deaths had occurred on the Northern California Coast do to the "balloons"

Do you have any information or leads that might help us this the research to determine?

Tina - , USA.

Jeep Hello,
My name is Tina and I am looking for any information on my Fathers Battalion. His name Private Michael Nazzarini, in the 864th Engineer Aviation Battalion, APO. Has any one ever heard of it before, and could you tell me what a Construction worker might do. I believe he served in the Philippines(Manilla). he was in the Army Air Corps ww2. Thank you for your time.

NN - , .

Jeep 1943....Cardiff, Wales.....Looking for anyone with knowledge of nurse Edna Mary Lane.


Lesa Williams - Birmingham, UK.

Jeep Looking for any information on H. M. Submarine Shakespere. My uncle was awarded the D.S.M. in 1945 for his part in the fighting on 3rd January 1945 in the Indian Ocean. If anyone can suggest some information on the above, any help would be greatly appreciated. Lesa Williams

D.Stapleton - , UK.

Jeep I have been looking all over the place for information on the relative economic outputs of the various nations involved in the war. Would somebody know of any Web sites that would have that info? Doug

Dee - TX, USA.

Jeep Hi,
I am looking for information about some very special WWII teapots. They are brown with intricate or handpainted designs in light blue, white, and orange. They have gold lettering on the covers that say "For England, The USA, And Democracy" or similar. Each one I have seen (about 6 of them) is different. The base has "The Rockingham Knot" and a British Lion and another motto, "Escorted To The USA By Allied Fleets" Some say "Royal Navy". Is there anyone out there who can tell me about these teapots? When were they made in Rockingham, England? Shortly before or after the end of the war? Who commissioned them? Were the funds private commercial, or were they part of a national effort? I would ESPECIALLY love to hear from someone who has worked in those potteries in England. Such people might be in their 80's and 90's today. There were some similar teapots being made in Japan at the same time, using the same glazes and paints with different designs. I have one from Occupied Japan. I have them displayed as a "Wartime Tea", but I really know very little about them.

Mrs. B - Ralston,NE USA.

Jeep I am interested in the information that Dee from Texas learned about the brown teapot inscribed: FOR ENGLAND AND DEMOCRACY on the lid and decorated with light blue, red, and white "dots" and gold emblishments. The bottom of my teapot is also marked: WORLD WAR II, MADE IN ENGLAND, ESCORTED TO U.S.A. BY ROYAL NAVY, plus the number 2301. I assume the product was sold as a fund raiser for the war effort in Great Brittain. The glaze was over an orange colored pottery base. Mrs. B

Quint - derby, ks. USA.

Jeep Have you found out anything about those teapots made in England? I have one that is dark brown with small purple and red flowers and gold emblishment. It is marked on the bottom World War II Made in England , Escorted to the USA by the allied fleets.

Dave Rafferty - Kalamazoo, USA.

Jeep My dad, Bradley D. Rafferty, served in the Army special services after being drafted in 1943. In 1944-45, he played sax and clarinet in the pit band for the famous army show "Stars and Gripes." consisting of 35 professional musicians and entertainers that played many appreciated shows in the South Pacific, on ships, Admiralty Islands, Philippines, Australia and many others. In that show were a young Don Knotts " Barney fife", etc, and Mickey Shaughnessy, a later character comic actor in movies. Would like to connect with any living members or desendents of show participants. My mother kept a number of documents and phots regarding the show. Our Michigan Historical commission is considering putting up an exhibit featuring Dad's greatcoat and the other materials to illustrate what a mid Michigan soldier did in the war. Hope to hear from someone on this. Dad died in 1984 and mother, Helen, in 1998

Richard Damiani - Factoryville, USA.

Jeep Hello! I did a search on Stars and Gripes and your post was referenced. My father, Pvt. Joseph Damiani, was the drummer for Stars and Gripes. I have a brochure from one of their performances labeled "Somewhere in Australia" that has your father's name in it, as well as Pvt. "Donny Knotts," whose act was Ace Sports Announcer. I have a few pictures of my Dad along with Don and a few other members of the troupe, as well as a menu from Thanksgiving in Australia, 1944, Headquarters Company, Base 3, APO 923. I would be happy to send copies of these to you if you would like. My father became a professional musician after the War. He eventually became a bartender at the family tavern while maintaining his band as a second job. He came to manage it in his later years. Sadly, he died from brain cancer in 2000.

Linda - Uniontown, PA US.

Jeep Hi my name is Linda,and I am writing a Christmas Play for my church I am writing about war time at Christmas, I want to get a message across That God is in control even at war time. I would like to hear some storie that happen at Christmas when things were so bad but something out of the ordinary happen, some miracle.If anyone would like to share a story I would love to hear it. I don't need any name or anything.I'm trying to get some ideas to help are kids understand That God is there no matter how bad things get Thank you

Wes Constantin - Baton Rouge, LA USA.

Jeep I am a WWII Vet looking for anyone who served with me in the Army, 361st Division, Engineers, in England and France. I'm interested in finding out if anyone knows about any site on the internet that has any info about the 361st. Have not had any luck with search engines.

Susan Judelle - Union City, Indiana US .

Jeep I am trying to find information on soldiers from Indiana that may have been connected to the B-17 bomber Warbirds with the paintings on them. Anyone have any ideas where I might find a list?
Thanks, Susan

Debbie Coles - Boise, USA.

Jeep I'm writing my Dad's life story and have learned that he was on the first ship back from WWII. Briefly - He was in France and was being sent home for leave and then assumed he would be Pacific bound. The war ended on his way home and the ship he was on was the first to arrive in New York. He called it a Liberty Ship - which I think is a Merchant Marine. Because it was first there must be some pictures somewhere. I am searching for any information and especially a picture of this ship's arrival. I would appreciate ideas on where to search, news sources at that time (their archives might have information) and anything related to that particular incident. I hope someone can help me.

Frances McAllister - High Point, NC US.

Jeep My granfather, John McAllister served with the Toronto Scottish during WWII and his main theatre was in Caan. I was wondering if there was anyone else that may have had a relative with the TS in Caan.

Richard Albert - , .

Jeep I need help,in finding out about my father, who went down in a B29 (Spring 1944), need web sites....


Carl Golden - Franklin, NC USA.

Jeep I am the son and nephew of WWII veterans. My Father served in Great Brittan and my uncle was killed in action in France. I am desperately seeking any information I can get on both of them. If any body can help me or lead me in a direction please let me know. I have contacted the national archives in St. Louis but they have told me that the records were lost in a fire. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bert Hughes - Sacramento, CA USA.

Jeep GEOFFREY A. HUGHES, of the 110th Seabees in Eniwetok and Tinian, was my father. I know little of his navy life. Does anyone remember him so I might know him better? Thank you, Bert

Sharon Meyer - Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jeep My grandfather fought for Britian in WWII. He was posted in India for a while and also went to the US to teach the Americans to shoot. His name is Laurie Pritchard. If anyone remembers him please can you contact me. He turns 81 in August and he would love to hear from some of the people he used to know in the military.

Thanks Sharon

Muriel Ducharme - Manchester, NH USA.

Jeep I have recently found official WW II documents pertaining to my father's enlistment during WW II. These documents are particularly valuable because I was unable to obtain them from the National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis, Missouri. After having waited for their reply for more than a year, I was told: The record needed to answer your inquiry is not in our files. If the records was here on July 12, 1973, it would have been in the area that suffered the most damage in the fire on that date and may have been destroyed. Much to the family's delight, my mother had requested dad's military many years ago. My sister and I have found them recently and have uploaded scanned copies to our Webshots site, more precisely in ALBUM 14: You are most welcome to view and download them and other family, as well as ancestral, photos freely.

Brenda Roeder - Mifflinville, USA.

Jeep Regarding the new WW II there a listing of names on the new memorial? If so are they our service men killed in the line of duty or everyone that has served in WW II? Appreciate any information you may be able to provide.

Sharon Roosevelt - Marfa, Texas.

Jeep Hello,
I am looking for anyone who remembers serving with James Alfred Roosevelt while working on the B29 Project, or as a test pilot, or in the Southeast Procurement District. Al is not well, and contact with any old buddies would cheer him greatly. Thank you.
Sharon Roosevelt

Gary Tobin - Rochester,NY USA.

Jeep My Uncle was wounded and taken prisoner on October 3rd 1944,he was part of the 53rd Armored Infantry, 4th Armored Division.He later died at a German prison camp.I am looking for any information about the 53rd Armored Infantry anyone might have.

Taylor Williamson - Hobart, Tasmania.

Jeep I,m 13 year old and have a school project. Need to know the name of all countries that fought in ww2 and and what side they were on?

Also where England was bombed and why?

Regards Taylor.

Leiff Nyström - Esbjerg, Denmark.

Jeep I am a student in a western Civilization class. Our teacher has asked us to interview a survivor of world war 2. Do you know of a way I caould find someone to interview?
Thank you,Leiff Nyström

Bill Walker - Grande Prairie, AB, Canada.

Jeep My mother, father, sister, and I were imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp in Manila, Philippines, during WW II. We survived it and two war time convoys across the Pacific and Atlantic.

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