PV-wirefree is a new approach in designing PV-systems. PV-wirefree consists of only four main components: a PV-wirefree laminate, module connectors, a mounting frame and an inverter. Compared with current PV-systems with DC-wiring, DC-connectors, junction boxes, etc. resulting in a huge reduction of components. Therefore PV-wirefree reduces the costs of PV-systems and increases the output considerably.
                The PV watchdog is an extremely small and low-cost monitoring device, which is integrated into a PV laminate. It detects and signals whether a PV module is working properly, or more correctly is working close to the maximum power point (MPP). This is indicated by two LEDs, a yellow and an infrared LED. If the PV-module is working fine both the LEDs will be active.

                      The PV-diode refers to a smart electronic diode for PV-modules which replaces common bypass diodes. Such an active diode is extremely thin and, therefore, can be integrated in the PV laminate. This offers many advantages!

                        OK4All is the new inverter we are currently developing. It will be a so-called AC module inverter intended for PV-modules of about 200 Watts. We intend to make the design 'an open source', which will be published on the internet, so that anybody will be able to produce it. We will only ask for a small fee.
                        Besides electronics for PV-systems, OKE-Services also develops electronics for other products, preferably when it serves a more efficient use of energy. Since Henk is a real expert on power electronics it mainly concerns power supplies.

                      You are currently visiting the section about OKE-Services: our goals, our projects, our publications, and more. Also you can find background information about Henk Oldenkamp, who is designing and developing these products.

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