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C.V. in English       (Nederlandse versie)

After completion of my secondary school ("MULO-B") in 1970 I studied at a technical college ("HTS") and received my Bachelors degree in chemical engineering in 1975. At the same time I completed an evening study in mathematics ("MO-A"). In those days I was also actively engaged in a left wing student organisation, in which I was vice chairman in 1973-74. After this period I continued studying Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at the Amsterdam University (1977-1979). However, I broke off this study, and decided to apply for a job when the unemployment suddenly rose dramatically in the late 70-ties.

From March 1st 1980 till March 1st 2015 I was employee with Shell (at the site in Amsterdam). From 1980-86 I worked in a group dealing with high temperature thermodynamic modeling and metal processing. In the years 1986-89 I was in an exploratory research group. My subjects concentrated on energy storage in all conceivable forms. From 1989 till 2002 I worked within groups dealing mainly with engineering problems. The main emphasis of my work was on gasification (oil and coal gasification).
Since 1998 a shift has occurred within the part of Shell in which I was working away from R&D work towards more technical service oriented work.
Since early 2002 till early 2015 I worked again in departments which were mainly active in the field of R&D and innovation. The emphasis of my work was on CO2 capture & storage and, to a somewhat lesser extent, energy studies in general.

On March 1st 2015 I retired from Shell. Currently I am building up side activities in the field of energy & environment.

Activities in society: From 1982 till end of 2014 I was active as a trade union member at the Amsterdam Shell site (FNV). Till end of 2014 I was vice chairman of this trade union group at the Shell Amsterdam location.
I also have been engaged within Shell with discussions on the climate change issue from 1995 till 2015.

Hobbies: My greatest passion on travelling by foot through rugged (mountainous) areas. In addition I climb mountains. Photography is my second hobby.

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