About the book:

In this manual, all analyses that are currently used to characterize soils and waters in their natural environment, are accurately described. The methodology is based on the use of modern equipment (HPLC, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Graphite Tube Furnace AAS, Laser grain-sizer, etc.). Fractionation of sulphur and of dissolved organic matter have been included. The book contains the following chapters, 1. Soil analysis (120pp); 2. Water analy-sis (122pp); 3. Bulk density and water retention (8pp); 4. Particle size analysis and mineralogical analysis (28pp); 5. Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis (7pp); 6. Sample preparation for grain-size determination by laser diffraction (5pp). The last chapter describes the use of soil analyses and characteristics calculated therefrom, for characterization & classification of soils (24pp).