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At this page you can see some pics and not so usefull info about the West Side Story. The pics are made backstage by the artists theirselfs, and i have the honour to present them to YOU! (only if i promised if i used these pics to do some good though).:-)

But for now I would like to thank Nicole Wijnen and the West Side Story crew for their cooperation and the beautiful pictures. The On Stage pictures were taken by Olga van Helsdingen, these are wonderful pics..please dont miss then. Without their effort this page would be a lot more boring then it is now =o)

Please Keep Visiting this Page 'cuz the pics will be changed once in a while!

Ticket of the Premiere at the Royal Carré (09-08-1996)

The Enchanted Ladies: Joyce Stevens (Rosalia), Lindi Dhlomo (Francesca) and Sabrina Tiebosch (Consuela) in the dressing room

Here are Tanja de Nijs (Joanne) and Olga van Helsdingen (make-up) really relaxed in the Cantina

Joost de Jong (Snowboy) and Daan Wijnands (Riff) arent in real life Gangbangers

Duncan Anepool (Big Deal) is out of luck and gets his tattoo

Ettiene Sybesma (Pepe) and Olga are fighting out their differences

Mischa Hendriksen (Arab) is being nurse hugged by Nicole Wijnen (alternate Maria)

Lindi is showing a microphone and transmitter combination.

Tim Meeuws (inspector Shrank) has enough of it all and gives Rudsel D'Antonia (Rocco) a big kiss

Bernardo(Ettiene Sybesma) is being stabbed by Tony (Addo Kruizinga) with an enormous rambo knife

Scene 19 - Act 2:Beautiful picture of Maria (alt.Nicole Wijnen) and Anita (Hilde Norga) in the bedroom.

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