Hello...if i may introduce myself, i am Michael "Mitchie Mitch" Tjon and i am very pleased you are visiting this little corner of the mighty big web. I am a 29 year old geezer and have nothing useful to do then hang around the web and waste my time.

To tell you more about me..the hobbies i got are ...uuuhhm..i got hobbies? Oh yeah.. Adventuring, go-karting (learn how to drive properly), mountain biking, a tiny little bit of Scuba diving, and since a long time again playing the cornet. As you may have noticed, my older sister Nicole plays the alternate Maria in this show, and that should explain all these pics and free tickets and all.

In the real world i used to work a stone age company. We sold marble and granite and stuff, and i drove a nice car to promote our products. Then i worked for a supplier of chemicals. Here you can see a picture of my colleagues and me. Now i work for a computer company. So i you need anything, mail me and i'll get back to you within an hour! =)

Oh well, my live is not so mighty impressive that i could write a book so all whats left i got to say is this: any ladies out there who look like this!? Why not email me and lets have a nice dinner some time :o) (just kiddin' just kiddin')

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