While listening to the enjoyable background music, make your self comfortable and enjoy these links =o)

Tammy's Favourite Romantic Midi Page
Really the best midi page I have seen on the net. Brought to you by the wonderful and lovely mrs Tammy =o) Dont miss this one.

the Anniko van Santen Homepage
Yup....a page dedicated to that beautiful lady of the kiddies program only fathers watch. =o) Check this page out, Im a member of her fanclub too.

Morten Svendsens XG Midi's
Absolutely great XG house midi's by Morten himself. This guy needs a record label.

Devian's Homepage of Jazz
This Guy can sequence as good as Tiger Woods can play golf. If you like Jazz don't you dare to miss this page.

More More Musicals
Travelling guides, Cats, Mice and Musicals ..you will find it at charming Bridgie's Page. Check out the Special greeting card site!

Streetman's World
This page is of a friend of mine, beside the fact that he is a great singer (you can hear him at the Karaoke MP3 Page). =0) check him out.

Musicals in Holland
A fine page made by that wacky Dutch dude Bart van Oeffelt.

Diana's Theater Page
A page dedicated to Dutch Theater by stunning miss Repelsteeltje.

the Mrs.Einstein goes Internet Homepage
The official Homepage of the Dutch vocal group Mrs. Einstein.

the MP3 Awfull Karaoke Singers Page
A page full of mp3's of really bad karaoke singers.
But you gotta check these guys out ..they are very funny =o)

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