Guest book of Cor van Dusschoten

1995-07-03 - Martin Los - home page
A relative
1995-08-20 - Arnold Bloemraad
Fellow member of snooker club "Vijftien Over Rood"
1995-09-04 - Henk Knol
Arranges local snooker tournaments
1995-09-08 - Ernst J. Oud - home page
1995-09-13 - Wouter Sluis
1995-09-28 - Brent Burton
1995-10-01 - J.A. van Groos - home page
A friend
1995-11-20 - Rob Kaper - home page
1996-01-01 - Wayne Kessler - home page
1996-02-04 - Chris Altmeyer
Found your page using Alta Vista, a GREAT search utility :-)
1996-02-11 - Carlo Longino
I was looking for snooker rules and got pointed here by Alta Vista. Looks good!
1996-03-27 - BGH van den Hout
Editor of the Dutch Snooker Home Page
1996-04-04 - Rockman - home page getting better all the time!
Lemonte's Homepage, a fellow classmate's excellent page. Newly redone!
1996-04-06 - Edwin Ketzler - home page
Fellow member of snooker club "Vijftien Over Rood"
1996-04-22 - Bart Rossieau
also a snooker fan
1996-04-25 - Brian
and another guest, looking for snooker results
1996-04-29 - Jaci Hartman
it was fun (IQ tests, ed.) thanks.
1996-05-15 - Allard Bon
Dankjewel voor de toelichting bij het schrijven van HTML-pagina's.
1996-05-16 - Harri Manni
1996-06-23 - Sean Ward
1996-09-25 - M. de Swart
1996-09-28 - Sam Cortez
Muy very bueno. Me gusto mucho. Happy New Year!!! Y Feliz Cumpleaño!!!!
1996-12-16 - Geert
Cor, het ziet er goed uit, ChessWeb staat er ook mooi tussen, bedankt.
1996-12-29 - Brian Weir
Handy - I've played snooker all my life, and got a wild idea - why not read the actual rules!!
1997-01-03 - Joram Hoekman - homepage
Hoe kom jij aan zoveel bezoekers op je pagina?
Tja, misschien voor velen wel interessante onderwerpen...
1997-02-05 - Filippo Moneti
1997-02-07 - Bryan Gray
Enjoyed I.Q. test. THANKS
1997-02-08 - Bryan C. Tepper
1997-02-16 - Amelia Gunn
1997-02-17 - Steve Ormerod
1997-03-07 - Susan Menchaca
1997-03-12 - JuliAnn Appler
I can see that the answers (to the IQ tests, ed.) are posted - but I cannot find how to take the tests!
1997-03-13 - Ellen Christensen
1997-03-14 - Christina Allen
The levels 1 to 3 have ended, and not been renewed yet.

1997-03-20 - Sander van der Meer
1997-03-24 - David Ball
1997-03-26 - Paul Blackman
1997-03-28 - Nuala Martin
1997-04-03 - Sonya M. Sayler
1997-04-03 - Reem A. Hammouda
1997-04-13 - K. Holcombe
1997-04-18 - jfillmore
1997-04-21 - Heather Bennett
1997-04-22 - Bob Turley
Thanks for information on IQ's. Found "Other IQ Sites" useful.

1997-04-23 - Curator Freek
Cool site (what I could read). I also have HTML and JavaScript help on my page, if anyone cares to learn....
1997-04-29 - Charles Willis
1997-05-16 - Tom Palermo
1997-05-20 - Barry Watkins
Thanks for your interpretation of the miss rule. This has caused a great deal of contention, and heated arguments and should not apply in the amateur game. Keep up the good work.
1997-05-20 - Karin Kaltofen
Great site -- you're bookmarked!
Yours in Sport,
Karin Kaltofen
Billiards Net Guide at The Mining Co.
1997-05-22 - lhagvadorj
1997-05-23 - Julie Wixon
1997-06-11 - Eric Stephens - homepage
So Cor, where do you fit in all this?? Have you taken the test??
Why should I, knowing the answers?
1997-06-13 - Erika Martonova
I'm a student at University of P.J. Safarik in Kosice, Slovakia. I study mathematics and chemistry. I like nature, music and funny and interesting people.
1997-06-19 - tony the wop
1997-06-22 - Julie Cosman
1997-07-11 - Michelle Marken
1997-07-16 - Diana Krull
1997-07-16 - Anthony Candarini
1997-07-30 - Lora New
1997-08-03 - Jodean Dyer
Wow, you guys are studs.
1997-08-03 - andrew littlefield
1997-08-04 - (private)
I Hate Your Page
I cant figure out how to use the I.Q. Test
If you refer to the levels 1 to 3, the answers are given since January 1, 1997. Only level 4 is active now.
1997-08-24 - Ronaldo R. Motus - homepage
1997-08-24 - Nick Nicolaides
1997-09-12 - Bozidar Pavlovic
1997-09-25 - Bill Veale
1997-09-27 - Gwen Malone
1997-09-28 - Michelle Torres
1997-10-13 - Julianne Buerkert
1997-11-03 - Annette Potter
1997-11-09 - Nicole van Overmeir
Hi Cor. Ik ben nu in Newcastle en heb net de foto's gezien van het VAS-jubileum, prachtig prachtig. Groetjes aan iedereen, en ik kom donderdag zeer waarschijnlijk wel naar het VAS.
Groetjes, Nicole
1997-11-12 - Anita Runge Pitts
Just passing through. Thought I'd leave my mark.
1997-11-26 - Steve Morris -
1997-11-27 - Holly Morrison
1998-01-17 - Patricia M.
1998-01-27 - Dillon Gilhooley
1998-01-28 - Sarah Basnett
1998-02-01 - Theran-tina Marie Rush
Strange, very strange.
1998-02-01 - Mike (from
1998-02-04 - Rex Gilbert
I went to do test 4 and after marking my answer to Q1 i tabbed down the page(wo be me). Doe's this disqualify me from that question?
Hoping not,
Rex Gilbert
No, as long as you don't hit the send button, nothing happens.
1998-02-13 - Shawn Geroke
a Virtuous Stock Exchange
1998-02-16 - John Donohoe
1998-02-21 - Gerry
1998-03-02 - Mrs Brenda Corzine
1998-03-02 - Brian Starrett
From: (?)
I hope he knows the difference between a URL and an email address...
1998-03-12 - Lacey M. Simmons
1998-04-07 - Laura Park
1998-04-08 - Anh Do
Intellectually inspiring and fun :)
1998-04-13 - Phil Thoms
1998-05-17 - Connie Lasorgo
1998-05-20 - Paul Austin
Excellent site. That's the first time I've read the rules throughout and there's a few I didn't know. Keep it up
1998-05-20 - Joe Chisholm
1998-05-29 - Kelly Ledford
1998-06-09 - fhurzel
1998-06-22 - Raymond
1998-06-25 - Elmo
Super koele hoompeedzz... misschien kan deze sijt nog in je lijst met ufo-sijts..
Succes met je peedz..!!!
1998-07-21 - Monique Moir
1998-07-28 - Bob Jones
And the beast shall come forth surrounded by a roiling cloud of vengeance. The house of them unbelievers shall be razed and they shall be scorched to the earth. Their tags shall blink until the end of days.
from The Book of Mozilla, 12:10
1998-08-09 - Ester Sloots
mooie de iq test later doen......
1998-08-11 - Sherwin Ian R. Marasigan
1998-09-01 - Robert McGrath
1998-09-16 - Alan Reille
1998-10-17 - Beata Blaszczyk
1998-10-28 - Mike Clennon
cool place....whats with all the dutch stuff?
I was in Amsterdam last year pretty wild place...
1998-10-29 - Darren Tomlin
1998-10-31 - Leatrice Hill
All eyes on me tribute to TUPAC
1998-11-02 - Anyul S
1998-11-03 - Robert M. Baker
1998-11-17 - Bob Fennell
Very interesting?
1998-11-19 - Stuart Hayes
1998-11-25 - aideen
1998-12-16 - Ron Hagman
Ziet er mooi en verzorcht uit.
Wat ben ik eigenlijk goed he.
Groetjes Ron
1998-12-23 - Anthony Wright
Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You have a very interesting website! Feel free to visit my site at
1998-12-25 - Crankshaft
You Really Need To Check This Out...
1999-01-31 - Cristian Butuc
Hi, Cor !
I'm Cristian Butuc from Romania, a fan of Snooker and of Steve Davis. Thanks for bringing this Snooker site to us !
1999-02-05 - Douglas Trapnell
1999-02-23 - Jim Gifford
1999-02-26 - Heather Ann Brooks
home page.
Great site. Interesting links.
1999-03-17 - Allan Norvark
I´m from Danmark (elite coach)
I miss some links to amateur championship
WPBSA World Amateur 98,97,96,95......
and Europe Champ 98,97........
From Allan "backspin forever" Norvark
p.s. good site !!!
1999-03-22 - laura baddgor
1999-03-31 - Henk Erkelens
I visited your site on recommendation of Rob van Dongen;
it was very pleasant to see your site;
now I can follow the results of my Amsterdam friends Rob, Joost, Bart, John and Ridens
greetings to Rob
1999-04-07 - John Lawless
Cool page chap
rules are just what I need
1999-06-08 - brendan
1999-06-13 - Geraldine Engstrom Moore
1999-07-05 - Cathy Buenning
1999-07-06 - Walter T. Donaldson
1999-07-22 - Paul
1999-07-29 - Jerry Thompson
1999-07-31 - Costel
Very nice website! Keep it up... By the way, You can visit my site too.
1999-08-05 - Cyberdog
Hi, I just Checked out your site, I arrived via Yahoo search. I would like to invite you all to visit my own site and sign my guestbook too! If you would like to learn a little about me and my city, Winnipeg, Canada, just click: <site doesn't exist any more>.
1999-08-08 - Valerie Valliere
Wishing everyone a great year!!!
1999-08-21 - mr. french toast from
good site, check out my page, where you can get JEZZBALL, read funny stories and poems, or contribute to my brady bunch conspiracy page. it's here.
1999-09-16 - Cor Kamp
1999-09-17 - Diana
1999-09-20 - Joe Eichelkraut
1999-09-24 - JOŽE UDOVČ
1999-08-21 - Luuk Buijs
Heb jij een overzicht van de nog te spelen ( professionele ) snookertoernooien, en dan vooral die toernooien die op de BBC worden uitgezonden?
Zo ja, zou jij deze dan willen mailen naar mij?
Bij voorbaat dank, Luuk.
By the way, mooie site!
1999-10-11 - Peter Lyon
1999-10-28 - Mel
1999-11-14 - Andrea Jamison
1999-11-20 - Bandito LaPooch
I fully realize that Snooker is mostly played in the European Theatre, including the United Kingdom, and therefore all measurements are made according to metric specifications.
Ed.: The metric system is internationaaly agreed upon!
However, there are those, like myself, that live in the United States of America, that learned to played Snooker while stationed elsewhere, are TOTALLY IGNORANT of the Metric System and do not carry a Metric Conversion Chart in our back pocket!
Ed.: one inch is 25.4 mm, one foot is 304.8 mm
It would be greatly appreciated if it were possible that the page entitled: "Rules of Snooker (Metric)" were translated into terms that could be understood by us Yanks!
Ed.: Also the U.S.A. has officially adapted the metric system, although in daily life many are still using the old units.
It would be further appreciated if the Billiard Establishments in the USA would incorprate Snooker Tables in their menu! All we require are experienced Snooker Salesmen that are capable of doubling as Instructors!
Ed.: I agree with that...
Does anyone have any additional comments?
1999-12-17 - Ton van Horsen (member of "Snookerclub 15 Over Rood")
I think your homepage looks very professional.
My compliments.
1999-12-22 - Miriam ter Weeme (from Syntegra)
[private message on behalf of one of my friends]
2000-01-21 - Clair Richardson
2000-03-11 - Michelle
Loved your website please visit mine if you have time, thanks.
Have a great day.
2000-05-16 - Arne
I LOVE Snooker!
If anyone knows of a web-site were I can get this game, E-mail me on:
2000-07-01 - Boonk (from host
Thanx to ur page, i finally got confirmation on the rules of a game i love so much.
2000-07-28 - Andrei van Dusschoten
Perhaps you know that you have relatives in New Zealand? My father Philip migrated here in 1954. I am one of four children. My older brother has three children, all boys. So the name is here to stay! I thought you might like to know...
2000-08-15 - Nathan
I guess your website must be out of date. Nevertheless.
You are right, if you compare my site with those of others. But I always considered my site to me mainly for private use, such as remembering where to find information, and giving information about leisure activities like snooker and chess.
2000-09-06 - Glenn Pearson
2000-10-22 - mary
2000-11-06 - Martin Gibson
Visit this snooker site
2000-11-12 - saladin el masri
2001-01-30 - larry walsh
I just purchased a 5 cent "ten ball" game. I am trying to find someone that knows about it. There are five pockets on each side, the balls are like small pool balls. The Alamo Novelty Co. is the manufacturer. It's made in San Antonio, TX. Thought you could help me out.
Larry, I really don't know much more than you will find at my page about Tenball.
2001-05-23 - Suat Boztepe
2002-01-01 - Leo van Uffelen - exUKF -exDSM
The best wishes for 2002!!
Leo van Uffelen
2002-03-25 - Paul Hussey
You have a very informative site-FAB!
Dear Billiards fan ( As seen at a Website )
I would like to invite you to my Hobby Website where I have recently added Billiards Playing Funny Dogs in Art & Louis Wain 1860-1939 Funny Dogs & Cats in Art. Also at my website I have many Dogs, Cats, Pets, Birds, Horses, Wildlife & Collectables in British Art fabprints. Would your Snooker playing membership like to know of my site? Please visit my Webpage: Art of Funny Dogs Playing Billiards/Snooker. Web Address: Please enjoy your fun family friendly visit.
2002-06-13 - Gerard Mackor
Beste Cor, Nieuwgierig als ik ben bezocht ik je site. Ziet er pro uit.
(.. privé-boodschap ...)
Groet, Gerard
2002-10-27 - Ace Toscano
2003-01-03 - Daniel Maltwood
I think it is a wicked site because it gets people involved in Snooker.
2003-02-01 - Steven Scarlett
I found this to be a very usefull web site. Congratulations on its design and content.
2003-04-08 - Lili
Hey whats up, you have a cool site. Mine is, let me know what you think if you check it out.
2003-07-10 - Bob
You're playing games with me, aren't you?!?! hahaha Seriously, you have a challenging site. Best of luck from the Land of Lincoln!
2003-12-28 - mugu
i dey brother!
2004-06-24 - Paul Hussey
Great site and full of informatin-FAB!
( spam )
2004-08-02 - Bert van Geldere
New url "Gorcumse Schaakclub" is:
2004-08-29 - Koekenbakker
Hallo Cor! Leuk je ontmoet te hebben op de meeting! Groet van Sanne
2004-10-07 - Michel Bruneau
I am very interested in visiting your personal web site. I go putting it soon in my chess link collection. The name of this site is simply "Chess Theory". It's a French/English site devoted to chess theory, chess learning, chess practice etc.
Best regards,
2005-02-04 - anonymus
hoi, hoe gaat dit?
Heel eenvouding, ik plaats het bericht handmatig op het gastenboek. In de tijd dat dit gastenboek in het leven werd geroepen, bestonden er nog geen automatische systemen. En ik heb het uit nostalgische overwegingen zo gelaten.
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