The ugly, a forgotten minority

I would like to stand up for an oppressed minority that hardly receives any attention from our intellectuals: the ugly. I say 'hardly any', because some compassion does exist. As always, the democrats are in the forefront of the battle, with bigwigs like Janet Reno in their ranks. Bravo! And, to be honest, the feminists also keep their end up: remarks about the looks of women are routinely denounced by them as being 'sexist'. But only ugly women profit from this attitude; ugly men are left out in the cold. Besides, one can't rule out the possibility that the feminists are only looking after their own interests when they demand that no attention be paid to the appearance of women.

All in all, the ugly come off badly. Why doesn't the state demand affirmative action for the ugly? After all, it can't be denied that discrimination of ugly people is all too common. It all starts at school: ugly children are being teased, they don't fit in, they have no friends - in short, life is hell for ugly children. They are being called nerds, geeks, dweebs, wimps, creeps, Fatso's, and so on; the teacher won't interfere. Only when a black child is being called 'nigger', the teacher will take immediate action. I don't doubt that this happens with the best of intentions, but it will only reinforce the feelings of isolation and discrimination the ugly child suffers.

When the ugly child grows older, he will discover that he is being discriminated against, and even exploited, in one of the most important areas of life: love. You hardly ever see a handsome man walking with an ugly woman. A beautiful woman and an ugly man are seen more often together, but only when the ugly man compensates for his looks with money or a high position. Of course this doesn't end the discrimination. The ugly man who can't compensate for his looks will have to turn to prostitutes if he wants to experience the pleasures of holding a beautiful woman in his arms. In short, the ugly man will have to pay for something handsome men can get for free; one can hardly imagine a more outrageous form of discrimination.

Furthermore, there exists a massive body of scientific research which proves that discrimination of ugly people is pervasive in areas ranging from grades in school to the chances of getting a job. In spite of this, the ugly person will never see an employment advertisement of the government in which he is asked empathicly to respond, or which states that the ugliest applicant will get the job. If someone would suggest that businesses should be forced by law to register the number of their ugly employees, he would be derided by the same enlightened intellectuals who are demanding that businesses do exactly this with respect to their colored fellow citizens.

To conclude, it's clear that there is a great injustice going on, which needs to be remedied as soon as possible. 

Bart Croughs

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