Fascist genes


Some time ago a group of American geneticists, after analysing a sample of DNA, concluded that the first human being on earth was a female. One of the amusing consequences of this discovery was that the same feminists who had always objected strongly to the 'mechanistic, rational, reductionistic, oppressive, white male western science', suddenly became enthousiastic supporters of this oppressive western science. They thought the discovery of the geneticists was proof of female superiority. The male chauvinist bible story, with Adam as the first human being, and Eve, created out of Adam's rib, representing the second sex, was finally something of the past - or so they thought.

Alas, the feminists spoke too soon. Their conclusion of female superiority only proves that they are caught in the same mythical mind-set one can also find in the bible. In the mythical terms of the bible, the male is supposed to be superior because he was created first. But, unfortunately for the feminists, in scientific terms the exact opposite is true. According to the theory of evolution, primitive life forms evolved first, while more complex life forms evolved only later. Life started with extremely primitive single-celled organisms, and slowly evolved until finally man came into being via our monkeyish ancestors. Contrary to what feminists and other enlightened intellectuals think, the discovery that the first human being was a female is not very flattering for women. It just means that women are closer to our monkyish ancestors than men. That the science of genetics is now being applauded by the feminists, is based on a mythical interpretation of a scientific discovery.

This may be a rather sobering thought for the feminists, so I will conclude with a comforting idea: there is no need for feminists to bemoan their blunder for long. What is easier for them than to return to their old position that western science is sexist and antifemale? The 'so-called' discovery of the American geneticists that the female is the missing link between ape and man can be seen as conclusive proof of this thesis. And so everything turns out right again.


Western universities devote more and more resources to disciplines like women's studies, gay studies, black studies, etcetera. Some scientists think that this trend harms the quality of the universities. At first sight, this proposition seems quite plausible, but in fact the opposite is true: by promoting this kind of progressive pseudo-science, real science will be protected. I will illustrate this thesis with an example of a recent scientific theory, the so called 'Black-Eve' theory.

The discovery of the American geneticists mentioned above not only supported the notion that the first human being was a female; the first human being turned out to be black as well. Liberal intellectuals are very fond of this 'Black-Eve' theory for two reasons. They think the theory is proof not only of the superiority of females over males, but also of the superiority of blacks over whites. In reality, it is hard to imagine a more 'racist' and 'sexist' theory than the 'Black- Eve' theory. Of course scientists understand this very well, but they are smart enough not to inform the progressive thinkers of their mistake. Not much imagination is needed to understand what would happen if the intellectuals would learn the truth: it would mean the end of the science of genetics, because of its racist and sexist tendencies.

How is it possible that liberal thinkers commit this kind of elementary errors? The reason is that they have never studied evolution theory, simply because they were too busy studying their homosexual, feminist, black science. There was just too little time left for studying real science. The happy consequence is that liberal intellectuals don't understand the meaning of new scientific developments, which means that they are not able to censor effectively when new developments threaten their world view.

To conclude: real scientists, who want to pursue their interests in peace, must applaud the systematic introduction of leftist junk science.

Bart Croughs

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