About the book:

Peri-Tethys Memoir 2 addresses the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the Alpine-Mediterranean orogen and its hydrocarbon systems. Geographic coverage reaches from Morocco via the Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians, Apennines and Albanides to the Crimea and southern Turkey. This memoir is the product of close cooperation between academic and industrial Earth scientists. All papers are based on recent compilations, integrating surface and sub-surface geological and geophysical data acquired during hydrocarbon exploration and/or scientific programs. They are aimed at unravelling the architecture and origin of specific fold-and-thrust belts or basins. Much of the material presented has not previously been published or was inaccessible to Western readers. The memoir consists of a 552 page volume containing 24 richly illustrated papers with many black and white and colour figures, and a box, which contains 31 loose leaf foldouts, 20 of them in colour, presenting maps, cross-sections and seismic profiles.