About the book:


While volume 1 described foraminiferans and anthozoans and volume 2 bivalves, scaphopods, cephalopods, bryozoans, annelids and brachiopods, this 3rd volume treats the gastropods to Cancellariidae. All species described are illustrated by line-drawings or photographs, on 47 plates.
Volume 4 will treat the remaining gastropods, volume 5 will deal with the arthropods and echinoderms + vertebrates excluding otoliths, which latter group
is dealt with in volume 6 (which will also treat the remaining otolith fauna of the Miocene North Sea Basin).
These further 3 volumes will be published in the next 2-4 years.
Volume 1 (Foraminiferen Anthozoen) +2 (Band 2: Bivalvia Scaphopoda Cephalopoda Bryozoa Annelida Brachiopoda) are still available. In order to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of further volumes, you can also place a standing order to the complete series (cross option below).