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Natural Crop Protection in the Tropics

Letting Information Come to Life

Gabriele Stoll


About the book

This book presents practical information on natural crop protection techniques. Recognizing that these techniques, which derive from local, traditional and scientific sources, often have to be verified, adapted or improved, the book includes a section on approaches and methodologies by presenting a number of case studies.

This concept has been chosen in order to link information on natural crop protection with approaches and methodologies. By presenting both technical information and case studies on Farmer Participatory Research the book lets this information come to life and thus supports the application for resource-poor and organic farmers.

The book intends to contribute to providing farmers and their advisors with the experience and confidence needed to make the best use of the resources available to them.

Valuable suggestions are also made for research to further improve engagement in developing natural crop protection practices for resource-poor and organic farmers.

The first edition of Natural Crop Protection was published in 1986 and has met wide acclaim. It has been translated into seven languages.

About the author

Gabriele Stoll is an agricultural biologist, currently working as rural development advisor at MISEREOR, a church-based development and funding organisation.

She worked from 1987 to 1990 in Thailand, pioneering farmer-participatory research on the development of the use of insect-controlling plants. From 1991 to 1993 she conducted her PhD research in the Philippines on the "Effectiveness of Plant-based Substances for the Integrated Control of the Diamondback Moth".

Intended Readership

o Extension workers (NGO, GO), development organisations

o Agricultural training institutions

o Research institutions

o Entrepreneurs