About the book:

A. Milne-Edwards' (1883) book of which an annotated facsimile reproduction is presented here, is extremely rare: of the original edition, which consisted of only 50 copies, no more than 6 could at present be located in the main libraries of the world. The scientific importance of the original edition was that its 44 plates showed illustrations of numerous species that previously had only been briefly described by A. Milne-Edwards, or were new. Most of the species were collected by early French and American deep-sea expeditions ('Travailleur' and 'Blake'). Because of its importance, A. Milne-Edwards (1883) has been repeatedly cited in carcinological literature, but very few authors have actually been able to consult an original copy. The present edition again makes the work available to the public. The facsimile of the original 44 plates, reproduced at about 2/3 of the size of the original illustrations, is accompanied by an explanatory text in French and English. It deals with the history of the book, gives an account of the 'Travailleur' and 'Blake' expeditions, and provides a discussion of the figured species.
A definite reference for all carcinologists.