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A. Taxonomy and autoecology
1. P. Quézel, Taxonomy and biogeography of Mediterranean pine species (Pinus halepensis and P. brutia).
2. G. Schiller, Inter- and intra-specific genetic diversity of P. halepensis Mill. and P. brutia Ten.
3. C.A. Thanos, Ecophysiology of germination in P. halepensis and P. brutia.
4. G. Schiller, Water stress and ecophysiology in P. halepensis and P. brutia.
5. S. Lev-Yadun, Wood structure and the ecology of annual growth ring formation in Pinus halepensis and P. brutia.
6. C.A. Thanos and E.N. Daskalakou, Reproduction in Pinus halepensis and P. brutia.
7. A. Shmida, G. Ne'eman, S. Goubitz and S. Lev-Yadun, Sexual allocation and gender segregation in Pinus halepensis and P. brutia.
8. R. Nathan and G. Ne'eman, Seronity, seed dispersal and seed predation in P. halepensis.
9. M. Weinstein-Evron and S. Lev-Yadun, Paleoecology of Pinus halepensis in Israel in the light of palynological and archeological data.
10. D. Richardson, Mediterranean pines as invader species in the southern hemisphere.

B. Pine forest ecosystem
11. P. Kutiel, Plant composition and plant species diversity in P. halepensis forests.
12. M.A. Zavala, Aleppo pine stand dynamics in relation to water balance and disturbance: a mechanistic model.
13. I. Izhaki and G. Ne'eman, Soil seed bank in P. halepensis natural forests.
14. M. Arianoutsou and C. Radea, Litter production and decomposition in P. halepensis forests.
15. M. Honrubia, Mycorrhyzas in P. halepensis Miller.
16. M. Broza, Soil arthropodes in P. halepensis forests.
17. Z. Mendel, The phytophagous insect fauna of Pinus halepensis and P. brutia forests in the Mediterranean.
18. I. Izhaki, Passerine bird communities in Mediterranean pine forests.
19. A. Haim, Mammal fauna in P. halepensis forests.

C. Fire ecology
20. L. Trabaud, Post-fire regeneration of P. halepensis forests in the west Mediterranean.
21. M. Arianoutsou and G. Ne'eman, Post-fire regeneration of natural P. halepensis forests in the east Mediterranean.
22. C.A. Thanos and M.A. Doussi, Post-fire regeneration of P. brutia forests.
23. G. Ne'eman, The effect of burned pine trees on post-fire regeneration.
24. G. Ne'eman and A. Perevolotzki, Fire management of natural P. halepensis forests in east Mediterranean basin.
25. V. Leone, A. Saracino, L. Trabaud and R. Velez, Fire prevention and management policies in west Mediterranean pine forests.

D. Afforestation and anthropogenic impacts
26. M. Etienne, Pine agroforestry in the west Mediterranean basin.
27. C.N. Tsiouvaras, Silvopastoral management of Pinus halepensis and P. brutia forests in Greece.
28. O. Boneh, Management of planted pine forests in Israel: past, present and future.
29. J.D. Barnes, D. Velissariou, P. Dizengremel and B. Sanchez-Gimeno, Air pollution impacts on pine forests in the Mediterranean basin.


Ecology, biogeography and management of Pinus halepensis and P. Brutia forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean basin

Gidi Ne'eman & Louis Trabaud
2000, xii and 412 pages with 97 figures and 45 tables, hardbound.
ISBN 90-5782-055-2 € 109