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After having discussed the Superorders Archaeogastropoda (in Part 1, still available for € 20) and Caenogastropoda (in Part 2, still available for € 39), this book treats the sub-class Prosobranchia which reaches its highest evolutionary peak with the order Neogastropoda, represented in the Mediterranean by 3 superfamilies and 9 families. These comprise some 120 species, found living in a variety of habitats. Next the sub-class Heterobranchia is dealt with, represented by 3 superfamilies within the order Heterostropha. Most shell-bearing species are depicted on 26 black-and-white plates. There is also an addendum to Part 2, an extensive bibliography, and the book is concluded with a general index.

Contents: Introduction - Neogastropoda - Heterobranchia - Heterostropha - Opisthobranchia - Thecosomata - Gymnoso-mata - Saccoglossa - Nudibranchia - Divasibranchia - Pulmonata - Addenda to Part two - Plates - Bibliography

(Part 4, treating the Bivalvia, Polyplacophora, and Scaphopoda is in preparation.)


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