About the book:

Since the publication of part 1 (1991), there have been significant changes in the systematics and the higher classification of the Mollusca. The Order Archaeogastropoda has now been elevated to a Super-Order, divided into five Orders. The present work deals with the Order Neotaenioglossa Haller, 1882 of the Super-Order Caenogastropoda Cox, 1959.
Caenogastropods are found at all depths and on almost every type of imaginable substrate, and the species under discussion now constitute a very varied assemblage. Representatives of 43 gastropod families are described, with a total of about 220 different species. The various keys in this work are intended to facilitate problems of determination with very difficult groups such as e.g. the Eulimidae. Systematics have been based on Sabelli, Giannuzzi-Savelli & Bedulli (1990), but changes introduced by Van Aartsen & Giannuzzi-Savelli (1990) and Warén (1991) have also been included. An important addition to the literature on the malacofauna of this highly interesting region.