About the book:

The subtitle of this work reads: "Being a Selected List of the Books and Prints of Diptera Taxonomy from the Beginning of Linnaean Zoological Nomenclature to the End of the Year 1930; Containing Information on the Biographies, Bibliographies, Types, Collections, and Patronymic Genera of the Authors Listed in This Work; Including Detailed Information on Publication Dates, Original and Subsequent Editions, and Other Ancillary Data Concerning the Publications Listed Herein."
From the Preface: "The taxonomic literature of flies is enormous. Since Linnaeus' "Systema Naturae", hundreds of books have been written concerning the taxonomy of flies. This work attempts to enumerate the works since Linnaeus and consolidate all that is known of the authors of books on Diptera, their collections, and to provide detailed bibliographic study on their dipterological works."
From the Introduction: "This work attempts to present in one place all bibliographic, biographical, and types and collection information pertaining to authors of books, pamphlets, plates, and other works that deal with Diptera taxonomy in whole or in part. Close to 700 titles by some 400 authors are treated in this work. Multi-volume works such as the various natural history dictionaries and encyclopedias and works published in parts substantially increase the total number of "volumes", "livraisons", "parts", etc. treated in this work (all requiring separate dating), to more than 2,000."
This will be an indispensable reference work for all persons or institutes working on diptera.