About the book:

In this checklist all the Dutch species of all Lepidoptera families (both the so-called micro-lepidoptera and macrolepidoptera are listed. This publication is the first since more than 20 years, in which all Dutch Lepidoptera are treated in their integrity.

In the introduction, the principles underlying the compilation of the list are discussed (in English and Dutch). Recent nomenclatural and systematic changes, and faunistic remarks are dealt with in notes (in English) given at the end of each family. In the list, the valid names of 2336 species are included with the synonyms that have been used in Dutch entomological literature. The bibliography contains the publications which are cited in the text.

An important aim of publishing checklists as this one is to achieve stabilisation and standardisation in the use of scientific names in literature, e.g. in literature for the general public, but certainly in special literaure, both pure science (ecology, including faunistics), and applied biology (nature conservation, agriculture and forestry).