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Biogenic volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere

Helas, G., Slanina, J. & Steinbrecher, R. (Eds.)
1997, 191pp., paper, 23 figs., 24 tables
ISBN 90-5103-137-8 € 44

The contributions in this book were prepared for a workshop on Biogenic Volatile Organic Carbon, which convened to evaluate present understanding of this important group of atmospheric trace com-pounds, and which was held from 1-14 October 1994 at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biochem-istry Department, Mainz, Germany. The book is composed of the following chapters.
1. Introduction: Assessment on biogenic volatile organic compounds. 2. Biological knowledge needed for the measurements and interpretation of exchange processes between plants and the atmosphere. 3. Production and consumption of methane in the terrestrial biosphere. 4. The influence of the biosphere on the budgets of VOC: Ethane, propane, n-butane and l-butane. 5. Biogenic sources of atmos-pheric alkenes and acetylene. 6. Volatile carbonyl compounds of biogenic origin - Emission and concentration in the atmosphere. 7. Biogenic emissions of alcohols, ester, ether and higher aldehydes. 8. Isoprene: Production by plants and ecosystem-level estimates.9. Terpenes: Biosynthesis and transport in plants; emission and presence in the troposphere. 10. Volatile arenes from biogenic sources. 11. Biogenic contribution to atmospheric organic acids. 12. Future research on biogenic emissions of volatile organic compounds: Requirements and strategy.
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