Foreword - Introduction - Sources and Format - Acknowledgements -
References - Supplement - Addendum

This brand new addition to the secondary literature on Entomologists is a labour of love by a greatly respected entomology librarian (retired, of the
Natural History Museum, London), and at the same time a very efficient tool for research into the literature references providing biographies, bibliographies, portraits, and any other details on deceased entomologists before the end of 2004.
It starts with an introduction, giving information on sources, format, and references used, followed by 615 pages of references. The Supplement
contains a list of the names that appear in A Compendium of the Biographical Literature on Deceased Entomologists, published in 1977, for which there are no additional references in the present work. The Addendum lists information from two historical works on entomology published in 2006, which could not be included in the main text.
This will be a benchmark reference volume for the decades to come, and should be present in the libraries of all those who share an interest in the
history of entomology.