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Mineral nutrient deficiency in plantain

Symptoms and disorders under experimental and field conditions

Garnica, A.M.
1997, 112pp., paper, figs. and col. plates, tables (HTAS 4) (Margraf)
ISBN 3-8236-1266-2 € 26

Plantain, the 'neglected sister' of banana, has so far received little attention from science. Nutritional dis-orders and deficiency symptoms have been well de-scribed for banana but not for plantain which shows a different behaviour. The present volume of the Hohenheim Tropical Agricultural Series tries to fill this gap of knowledge providing a precise description of mineral nutrient deficiency symptoms in plan-tain and of morphological as well as physiological changes occurring as a consequence. Changes in plant growth, development and productivity are also documented. Magnificent colour plates of all important mineral nutrient deficiency symptoms and an easily comprehensible English text assists re-searchers, production agronomists and extens-ionists in their identification. Results from this re-search also provide an insight into which deficien-cies most seriously affect physiological processes and fruit production. An up-to-date literature review and a detailed description of Musa nutrition research methodology add to the book's usefulness for everyone working on this topic. Comprehensive, detailed summaries in English, Spanish and French make the text accessable to an international public.

1. Introduction
2. Research needs and objectives
3. Methods for Musa nutrition research
4. Nutrient deficiency symptoms
5. Morphological and physiological changes due to nutrient deficiencies
6. Effect of nutrient deficiencies on nutrient levels in different plant parts
7. Applicability of the 'critical nutrient level'
8. Conclusions and recommendations
Summary / Resumen / Resumé
References; Annex 1: A case study from Latin America (Colombia); Annex 2: Regression equations of LAI on plantage

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