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Books on Crustacea– General Crustacea (A-Z) (Cat 126) (updated August 2009)

Abele, L.G., 1982. The biology of Crustacea (ed. D.E. Bliss), vol. 2 Embryology, morphology, and genetics. xxi, 440 p., num. figs, tables & graphs, hardbound; CA23910 € 74
Andres, H.G. et al., 1977-1979. Verzeichnis der Typen aus der Sammlung Crustacea des Zoologischen Instituts und Zoologischen Museums der Universität Hamburg. Amphipoda, Gammaridea (12 p.), Unterklasse Ostracoda Latreille, 1806 4. Ordnung Myodocopida Sars, 1866 (10 p.), 5. Ordnung Podocopida G.W. Müller, 1894 1. Teil (13 p.), disbound; CA26543 € 7
Boltovskoy, D. (ed.), 1999. South Atlantic Zooplankton. 2 vols. xvi, 1706 p., 705 pls, hardbound. The following crustacean groups are covered: Ostracoda, Copepoda, Mysidacea, Amphipoda, Euphausiacea and Larval Decapoda (Brachyura); CA01119 € 452
Brinkmann, A., 1936. Die nordischen Munida Arten und ihre Rhizocephalen. 111 p., 25 figs, 5 double pls, roy. 4to, paperbound. Covers partly discoloured; CA00251 € 38
Brooks, H.K. et al., 1969. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (R) Arthropoda 4. Crustacea. 2 vols, xxxvi, 651 p., 397 figs, cloth; CA00015 € 110
Brusca, R.C. & M.E. Hendrickx (eds), 1992. Benthic Macro-Crustaceans of the eastern Tropical Pacific / Macro-Crustáceos Bentónicos del Pacifico este tropical. v, 134 p., num. figs, 4to, paperbound. Articles in English & Spanish (Proc. San Diego Soc. Nat. Hist. 9-27); CA00266 € 38
Burgersdijk, L.A.J., 1852. Specimen academicum inaugurale continens annotationes de quibusdam crustaceis indigenis [...] pro gradu doctoratus. [viii], 56 p., new wrps (orig. frontcover present). Name on titlepage; CA13286 € 50
Calman, W.T., 1909. A treatise on zoology (ed. Sir Ray Lankester). Part VII. Appendiculata, third fascicle. Crustacea. viii, 346, (2) p., 194 figs, hardbound; CA22937 € 34
Cals, Ph., 1978. Expédition Rumphius II (1975). Crustacés Isopodes, Gnathiids. Particularités systématiques et morphologiques. 38 p., 23 figs, paperbound. Including two other short papers on crustacea (by Manning and Forest, 22 p.); CA00277 € 10
Carvacho, A. & H.O. von Hagen, 1977. Isopodes de la mangrove de la Guadeloupe, Antilles Françaises / The tree-climbing Crabs of Trinidad. 60 p., 10 figs, 4 pls, paperbound (SFC54); CA00706 € 25
Crustacean Congress, 1998. Proceedings and Abstracts of the 4th International Crustacean Congress, Amsterdam, 20-24 July 1998. 210 p., paperbound. See also Schram, and Vaupel Klein; CA15799 € 10
Crustaceans Vienna, 1892-1958. 8 small papers on Crustaceans, from Annalen des k.k. naturhistorischen Hofmuseums Wien (by Koelbel, Pesta, Strouhal, Bachmayer et al.). 114 p., 6 (1 col.) pls, disbound; CA25354 € 15
Daday de Deés, E., E. Chevreux & E.L. Bouvier, 1913-1921. Voyage de Ch. Alluaud et R. Jeannel en Afrique Orientale (1911-1912) Résultats Scientifiques. Crustacés I: Phyllopoda (9 p., 1 photo, 1 fig.); II. Amphipoda (pp. 11-22, 6 figs); III. Decapoda (pp. 23-62, 8 figs), wrps. Unopened; CA22667 € 30
Dahl, E., 1946-1992. Interesting collection of 38 papers from various magazines, mainly on Crustaceans; CA23087 € 60
Davie, P.J.F. & R.H. Quinn (eds), 1991. Proceedings of the 1990 International Crustacean Conference. 461 p., num. figs & pls, paperbound. Library stamps; CA00326 € 58
Debelius, H., 1999. Crustacea guide of the world. Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Mantis Shrimps, Amphipods. 321 p., ca. 1000 col. photographs, hardbound; CA00047 € 42
Dulepov, V.I. et al., 1986. Biologiya i produktsiya rakoobraznykh Kurilskikh ostrovov (Biology and production of the Crustacea of the Kuril Islands). 2 parts. 355 p., 113 figs, 95 tables, wrps/stapled. In Russian; CA21583 € 20
Dumont, H.J. et al. (eds), 1990. Intrazooplankton predation. viii, 242 p., num. figs, hardbound (reprint from Hydrobiol. 198, Dev. Hydrob.60) Mainly on Crustacea; CA00334 € 75
Dumont, H.J. et al. (eds), 1994. Studies on the ecology of tropical Zooplankton. 295 p., num. figs, hardbound (reprint from Hydrobiol. 272, Dev. Hydrob. 92). Mostly on Crustacea; CA00335 € 75
Faxon, W., 1882. Bibliography to accompany “Selections from Embryological Monographs” compiled by Alexander Agassiz, Walter Faxon, and E.L. Mark. I. Crustacea. 53 p., wrps; CA12567 € 20
Fernando, C.H. (ed.), 2002. A guide to tropical freshwater Zooplankton. Identification, ecology and impact on fisheries. xvi, 291 p., 121 pls (showing 1119 figs), 10 tables, paperbound; CA12929 € 84
Fioroni, P., 1980. Das Dorsalorgan der Arthropoden unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der malakostraken Krebse - eine vergleichend embryologische Übersicht. 41 p., 17 figs, disbound (Zool. Jb. Anat.); CA25723 € 5
Forest, J., 1987. Les Pylochelidae ou “Pagures symétriques’’ (Crustacea Coenobitoidea) by Jacques Forest. 274 p., 82 figs, 9 pls, 4to, paperbound (Rés. Camp. Musorstom 3 mnhn137); CA01172 € 57
Fowler, H.W., 1912. The Crustacea of New Jersey. 650 p., 150 pls, original cloth; CA00037 € 95
Foxon, G.E.H., 1932. Great Barrier Reef Expedition, vol. 4#11. Report on Stomatopod larvae, Cumacea and Cladocera. 24 p., 10 figs, roy. 4to, paperbound; CA00406 € 10
Galazy, G.I. & A.Ya. Bazikalova (eds), 1962. Sistematika i ekologiya rakoobraznykh Baikala (Systematics and ecology of the Crustacea of Lake Baikal). 196 p., 73 figs, num. tables, hardbound. In Russian; CA21585 € 26
Gilson, G., 1886. Étude comparée de la spermatogénèse chez les Arthropodes. Crustacés. Chilognathes. Scolopendrides. 134 p., 7 folded pls, paperbound (back broken); CA00374 € 40
Gilyarov, A.M., 1987. Dinamika chislennosti presnovodnykh planktonnykh rakoobraznykh (Dynamics of the number of freshwater planktonic crustacea). 191 p., 42 figs, 3 tables, wrps (last 8 pages with small tear). In Russian; CA21586 € 18
Gledhill, T. & D.W. Sutcliffe, 1976 (2nd ed.). A revised key to the British species of Crustacea Malacostraca occurring in fresh water with notes on their ecology and distribution. 71 p., 48 figs, wrps; CA24628 € 12
Gledhill, T. et al., 1993. British freshwater Crustacea Malacostraca: a key with ecological notes. 173 p., 50 figs, wrps; CA24627 € 20
Guerne, J. de et al., 1938. Mémoires sur les Crustacés et Pycnogonides des croisières du Prince Albert Ier de Monaco. 302 p., 9 pls, roy. 4to, paperbound. By different authors (Sars, Koehler, Coutière, Milne Edwards etc.) (MuMo97); CA00387 € 105
Guerra-Garcia, J.M. et al., 2002. 5 articles on Crabs (in Raffles Bull. Zool.): Littoral Caprellids from Philippines (10 p., 9 figs, 1 table), Freshwater amphipod crustaceans from Chishui, China (12 p., 8 figs), News spp. cavernicolous crabs western Pacific (17 p., 17 (1 col.) figs), Haberma nanum, new mangrove crab (6 p., 4 figs), Geothelphusa miyakoensis new sp. freshwater crab Japan (6 p., 3 (1 col.) figs), disbound; CA26473 € 7
Hana, K., n.d. Schaaldieren. 119 p., num. figs, cloth; CA00435 € 10
Hansen, H.J., 1921-1925. Studies on Arthropoda I-III: I. The Pedipalpi, Ricinulei, and Opiliones collected by L. Fea in tropical West Africa and adjacent islands (80 p., 4 pls): II: On the comparative morphology of the appendages in the Arthropoda. A. Crustacea (176 p., 8 pls); III. On the comparative morphology of the appendages in the Arthropoda. B. Crustacea (Supplement), Insecta, Myriopoda and Arachnida (376 p., 16 pls) paperbound. Unopened; CA06818 € 110
Hanström, B., 1929. Der Einfluß der Blendung auf die Sehzentren der Crustaceen. 30 p., 26 figs, wrps (reprint from Wilhelm Roux’ Archiv f. Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen Abt. D. Bd 115#1/2); CA00518 € 10
Harmer, S.F. & A.E. Shipley (eds), 1909. The Cambridge natural history vol. 4. Crustacea and Arachnids. 566 p., 287 figs, publisher’s cloth. Crustacea by G. Smith & W. Weldon; CA00449 € 42
Harmer, S.F. & A.E. Shipley (eds), 1909. The Cambridge natural history vol. 4. Crustacea and Arachnids. 566 p., 287 figs, disbound. Crustacea by G. Smith & W. Weldon; CA16046 € 30
Heller, C., 1865. Reise der österreichischen Fregatte Novara. Crustaceen. 280 p., 25 pls, 4to, disbound. With some minor foxing. Unopened; CA00457 € 120
Hendrickx, M.E. (ed.), 2002. Contributions to the study of East Pacific Crustaceans / Contribuciones al estudio de los Crustaceos del Pacifico Este, volume 1. xiv, 383 p., num. figs, A4, paperbound. The first volume of a new series with articles in English & Spanish, edited by Michel E. Hendrickx. You can place a standing order to future volumes in the series! Price of this volume; CA12414 € 74
Herklots, J.A., 1851. Additamenta ad faunam carcinologicam Africae Occidentalis. (vi), 31 p., 2 pls (waterstained), boards (frontcover damaged & waterstained); CA20029 € 40
Hicks, J. et al., 1990 (2nd ed.). Christmas Crabs. 81 p., col. frontispiece, fullcolour, endpaper maps, hardbound (d.j.); CA18035 € 25
Holt, P.C. (ed.), 1969. The distributional history of the biota of the southern Appalachians. Part I: Invertebrates. viii, 295 p., num. figs, paperbound. Contributions on: Gammarida, Asellids, Crayfish genus Cambarus and Ostracod family Entocytheridae; CA00526 € 28
Holthuis, L.B., 1967. Schaaldieren (Crustacea) afgebeeld op postzegels. 21 p., 2 figs, 2 pls, wrps (ZB8). Library stamp on front wrp; CA16045 € 5
Holthuis, L.B., ca. 1960-1968. 3 papers: Early European investigations on Japanese carcinology (1640-1854) (20 p.); Schaaldieren (Crustacea) afgebeeld op postzegels (21 p., 2 figs, 2 pls); Biografische notities betreffende verzamelaars voor het Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie te Leiden. I. Hendrik Severinus Pel (1818-1876) (32 p., 2 figs); CA21597 € 6
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, 1999. Fourth and last edition of this useful tool. xxix, 306 p., cloth. Both in French & English; CA06600 € 68
Kafanov, A.I. (ed.), 1982. Fauna i raspredelenie rakoobraznykh notalnykh a antarkticheskikh vod (Fauna and distribution of Crustacea of the subantarctic and Antarctic waters). 120 p., num. figs, wrps (tears in spine). On Tanaidacea, Isopoda, Bythocytheridae a.o. In Russian; CA21587 € 15
Knudsen, J.W. et al., 1951-1960. Five papers on Crustacea: Xanthidae, Isopoda & Amphipoda. Circa 60 p., disbound (Bull. South. Cal. Ac. Sci.); CA22233 € 10
Lemaitre, R. & A. Crosnier (eds), 2006. Papers in honour of Patsy A. McLaughlin (Zoosystema 28#2). 318 p., num. figs (7 col.) & graphs, paperbound; CA21978 € 42
Lockwood, A.P.M., 1967. Aspects of the physiology of Crustacea. 328 p., 68 figs, cloth; CA00010 € 45
Lowry, J.K. (ed.), 1983. Papers from the Conference on the Biology and Evolution of Crustacea, held at the Australian Museum Sydney, 1980. 218 p., num. figs, paperbound (Austr. Mus. Mem. 18); CA23363 € 30
Lukhaup, C., 2003. Süßwasserkrebse aus aller Welt. 247 p., 500 col. photos, boards; CA12412 € 36
Miers, E.J., 1880. On a small collection of Crustacea made by Edward Whymper, chiefly in the N. Greenland Seas; with an appendix on additional species collected by the late British Arctic Expedition. 15 p., stapled (Jl Linn. Soc. XV#81); CA19016 € 5
Miers, E.J., 1880. On a collection of Crustacea, Decapoda and Isopoda, chiefly from South America, with descriptions of new genera and species. 28 p., 4 pls, disbound (Proc. Zool. Soc. XLIII); CA24859 € 14
Monod, Th., 1967. C(onseil) S(cientifique pour l’) A(frique) specialist meeting on Crustaceans, Zanzibar, 19-26 iv 1964. (iii), 648 p., num. ill., 4to, wrps; CA27084 € 100
Norman, A. & T. Scott, 1906. The Crustacea of Devon and Cornwall. xv, 232 p., 24 pls (from 5 plates, a figure has been cut out!), disbound (spine missing, inner work loose & split, partially unopened); CA24856 € 20
Parasitic Crustacea/Ostracods, 1903-1991. 9 papers on parasitic crustaceans/ostracods; CA12837 € 15
Pearse, A.S., n.d. (ca. 1916). An account of the Crustacea collected by the Walker Expedition to Santa Marta, Colombia. 26 p., 9 figs, 4 pls, stapled; CA00708 € 8
Peracarida, Syncarida, 1955-2002. 11 papers on Peracarida and Syncarida; CA12838 € 18
Pfeffer, G., 1887. Beiträge zur Morphologie der Dekapoden und Isopoden. 10 p., disbound (Abh. Hamburg); CA25391 € 5
Pinna, G., 1974. I Crostacei della fauna Triassica di Cene in Val Seriana (Bergamo). 30 p., 16 figs, 16 tables, roy. 4to, paperbound (Mem. Soc. Ital. Sci. Nat. 21#1); CA18680 € 12
Plateau, F., 1870. Recherches physico-chimiques sur les articulés aquatiques. Première partie. Action des sels en dissolution dans l’eau - Influence de l’eau de mer sur les articulés aquatiques d’eau douce - Influence de l’eau douce sur les crustacés marins. (ii), 68 p., 4to, wrps; CA00713 € 30
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 10, 1993. 491 p., 163 figs, 17 (2 col.) pls, 4to, paperbound. Contains list of stations and 9 papers on Crustacea (Mysidacés Lophogastrida et Mysida, Amphipoda Lysianassoids, Sponge crabs (Dromiidae), Cyclodorippidae et Cymonomidae, Dorippidae, Revision genus Mursia (Calappidae), Munida japonica and related species, Genus Munida, Genus Paramunida); CA01176 € 98
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 12, 1994. 569 p., 159 figs, 11 col. pls, 4to, paperbound. Contains 9 papers on Crustacea (Cirripedia Thoracica, Amphipoda Lysianassoids, Isopoda Bopyridae, Metapenaeopsis (2 papers), Penaeoidea (2 papers), Parapaguridae, Genus Munida); CA01177 € 100
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 13, 1995. 518 p., num. figs, 4 col. pls, 4to, paperbound. All four papers exclusively on Crustacea of which three major worldwide monographs on decapod crustacea (Revision of the genus Trizopagurus, Revision family Homolodromiidae (Brachyura), Revision of the family Homolidae) In French with English abstracts; CA01178 € 98
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 15, 1995. 539 p., num. figs, 6 col. pls, 4to, hardbound. Contains 11 papers on crustaceans (Mysidacea, Isopoda Cirolanidae, Euphausiacea, Palaemonoid shrimps, Eumunida, Munida, Portunidae etc.). No less than 77 species, 18 genera and 1 family are described as new in this volume! (mnhn168); CA01179 € 89
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 16, 1997. Campagne Franco-Indonésienne Karubar. 667 p., num. figs, 4to, hardbound. Contains 6 papers on crustaceans (Stylodactilidae, Palinuridae, Scyllaridae & Nephropidae, Paguridae, Parapaguridae, Agononida & Munida, Ethusinae); CA01180 € 100
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 18, 1997. 570 p., num. figs, 6 col. pls, 4to, hardbound. Contains 9 papers on crustaceans (Cirripedia Tharocia, Isopoda Serolidae, Pseudopandalus curvirostris n.gen./n.sp., Chelonika macrochela n.gen./n.sp, Shrimp genus Plesionika, Diacanthurus gen. nov., Cyclodorippidae Vanuatu, Deep water Xanthoidea, Pycnogonida); CA01181 € 98
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 2, 1985. I et II - Philippines (1976, 1980). 525 p., 126 figs, 37 pls, 4to, paperbound. Contains a list of stations and 9 papers on Crustacea (Maijidae, Dorippidae, Raninidae, Pontonidinae, Processidae, Mysidacea, Stomatopod Crustacea, Crustacea Ascothoracida); CA01171 € 62
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 20, 1999. 588 p., num. figs, 2 col. pls, 4to, hardbound. Contains 6 papers on crustaceans (Isopoda Bopyridae, Decapoda - Pasiphaea sivado and related species, Review Parapagurus, Decapoda - Albuneidae and Hippidae, Decapoda - Genera Agononida and Munida, Decapoda - Revision Dynomeniidae); CA01182 € 98
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 21, 2000. 813 p., num. figs, 2 col. pls, 4to, hardbound. Contains 7 papers on crustaceans (Cirripedia Thoracica: Chionelasmatoidea and Pachylasmatoidea (143 p.), Decapoda: Revision Polychelidae, Decapoda: Porcellanopagurus and Solitariopagurus, Decapoda genera Crosnierita, Munida and Paramunida, Decapoda: Ethusinae, Decapoda: Palicidae (169 p.), Pycnogonida South Pacific); CA01183 € 100
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 5, 1989. 386 p., 127 figs, 41 pls, 4to, paperbound. All papers in this volume exclusively on Crustacea (Thoracid Cirripeds, Penaeoidea, Oplophoridae (Caridea), Neoglyphea inopinata, Porcellanidae, Retroplumoidea, Leucosiidae, genre Carcinoplax, Atelecyclidae); CA01173 € 80
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 6, 1990. 388 p., 190 figs, 4 col. pls, 4to, paperbound. Nine out of ten papers are on Crustacea (Isopoda Bopyridae, Stylodactylidae, Gelastreutes crosnieri g.n. sp. n., Deep sea Palaemonoid shrimps, Lithodidae, genre Euminida, Nephropidae, genre Psopheticus (Goneplacidae), Trapeziidae); CA01174 € 80
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 6, 1990. 388 p., 190 figs, 4 col. pls, 4to, paperbound. Spine damaged; CA06586
 € 45
Résultats des Campagnes Musorstom Vol. 9, 1991. 520 p., 283 figs, 6 col. pls, 4to, paperbound. All 13 papers exclusively on Crustacea (Cirripedia Thoracica, Copepoda, Mysidacea, Amphipoda Caprellidea, Amphipoda Hyperiidea, Isopoda Chaetiliidae, Metapenaeopsis (Penaeidae) II, Further Palaemonoid shrimps, Studies Plesionika narval (Pandalidae) group, Chirostilidae, Galatheidae, Genus Platepistoma, New deep water gall crab [Cryptochiridae]); CA01175 € 112
Roux, J., 1917. Crustacés. (Expédition de 1903). 33 p., 2 pls, 4to, wrps (Nova Guinea. Resultats de l’exp. sci. Néerl. à la Nouvelle-Guinée); CA20134 € 18
Schmitt, W.L., 1973. Crustaceans. 204 p., 75 figs, hardbound (d.j.); CA00786 € 22
Schram, F.R. & J.C. von Vaupel Klein (eds), 1999. Crustaceans and the biodiversity crisis. Proceedings of the 4th intl Crustacean congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 20-24, 1998, volume 1. xii, 1021 p., num. figs, graphs & plates (some col.), hardbound. Now available at reduced rate (published price: € 301!); CA15794 € 200
Scott, T., 1899. Report on the marine and freshwater Crustacea from Franz-Josef Land, collected by William S. Bruce of the Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition. 67 p., 7 pls, disbound (Jl Linn. Soc. XXVII#174/I); CA19280 € 20
Ståhl, F., 1938. Über das Vorkommen von inkretorischen Organen und Farbwechselhormonen im Kopf einiger Crustaceen. 20 p., 8 figs, wrps; CA18983 € 5
Steenstrupia Crustacea, 1970-1974. 9 papers on Crustacea, all from Steenstrupia (by Bresciani, Bousfield, Griffin, Bourdon, Stephenson, Heegaard, Røen, Just, and Manning. 186 pages, num. figs, wrps; CA26444 € 20
Stephensen, K., 1927. Papers from Dr. Th. Mortensen’s Pacific Expedition 1914-16. XL. Crustacea from the Auckland and Campbell Islands. 102 p., 33 figs, paperbound; CA23652 € 15
Stiles, C.W. & A. Hassall, 1927. Key-catalogue of the Crustacea and Arachnoids of importance in public health. iv, 93 p., wrps (Hygienic Lab Bull. 148); CA24843 € 12
Taylor, R.S., 1999. The fossil Crustacea of China: Their taxonomy, palaeobiology, biogeography and phylogenetic relationships. xii, 156 p., 31 figs, A4, paperbound. Thesis; CA15798 € 25
Tulane Studies in Zoology, 1953-1957. 20 papers published in TSZ, all as stapled reprints by Banner, Penn, Humes, Mattox, Wilson, Fingerman, Young, Lowe, Johnson, Fleminger, Hobbs etc. on various groups of Crustaceans. over 200 pages, num. figs, wrps; CA16127 € 50
Vaupel Klein, J.C. von & F.R. Schram (eds), 2000. The biodiversity crisis and Crustacea. Proceedings of the Fourth International Crustacean Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 20-24 July, 1998, volume 2. xiv, 848 p., num. figs, graphs & plates, hardbound. Now available at reduced rate (published price: € 108!) see also Schram; CA15795 € 80
Viguier, C., 1892. L’héliotropisme des Nauplius. 4 p., stapled; CA22379 € 8
Waterman, T.H. (ed.), 1960. The physiology of Crustacea. Volume 1. Metabolism and growth. xvii, 670 p., num. figs, cloth (somewhat used); CA01079 € 58
Wenner, A. (ed.), 1985. Crustacean growth: Larval growth. 247 p., num. figs, cloth (Crustacean Issues 2) Mainly on Decapods; CA01082 € 100
Wenner, A. (ed.), 1985. Factors in adult growth. xiii, 362 p., num. figs, cloth (Crustacean Issues 3); CA01083 € 100
Yatsuzuka, K. et al., 1987. Reports of the Usa Marine Biological Institute Kochi University. No. 9. Special Issue in Honor of Professor Dr. K. Yatsuzuka. 239 p., 1 frontispiece portrait, num. figs, paperbound; CA22642 € 18
Young, P.S. (ed.), 1998. Catalogue of Crustacea of Brazil. xvii, 717 p., paperbound; CA12541 € 68