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Matra the official site

Personal Homepages

**** Lennart Sorth's Matra pages pictures, history and a good section on engine conversions
*** Matra Murena - la dernière des Matra with a list of alternative parts, restoration info
*** Michael Faust Matra Murena Page (German) excellent tech-tips 
*** Fabbb's Murena S on the web page by Fabian 
*** Matra Djet's Page in French
*** Die Seite für Freunde des französischen Mittelmotorsportwagens MATRA 530 by Thomas Marek (in German) 
** Matra Murena Competition  (French) shows kit carrosserie J. P. Beltoise
*** Matrarama (French) by André Dewael author of 'Murena, la dernière sportive de Matra' 
*** Matra Sport Web Club (French) part of the 2.2  technical manuals online!!
*** The (first?) Portuguese site; and it's a good start. Check it out (Portuguese) 
*** Murena, la dernière sportive de Matra (French) 
* Matra Murena Maniac  features a story on installing double carbs on a 1.6 
*** Espace Murena  (French) just the way I like it: lot's of technical issues are covered 
*** The Bagheera Tribute  by Spyros Mourelatos; see how the Bagheera evolved  
*** Bernhard's Technik-und Musikhomepage (German) Murena technics 
** Talbot Matra Murena by Thiemo (in German)
** Matra Sportwagen Modify the brakes of a Murena? See how!  (in German) 
** Romans Matra-Seiten  in German 
** Les voitures de Philippe Original tech bulletins (eg. on the zinc treatment of the Murena)
** Robert Brink's Murena pages  
** Matra Murena V6  
** Robi Rizvic's Murena site (Dutch/English/Croatian)
* Ron's Page (Matra Mania) the (unofficial?) Belgian Matra Club page
* Proussau's page French
* Histoire de la Matra Bagheera in French
* Ole's fotopage   
* Protzen's Matra Murena Seite under construction 
* Matra Murena Home under construction 
* Voitures de Collection des annees 60 & 70 (in French) 
* Karosserie und Lackierfachbetrieb (in German) Paint-job for a murena 
* Team W.H.P. Racing Saab Powered Talbot Matra Murena Turbo 
*** Martin Reichers Matra Murena S homepage (in German) restoring a Murena S; with pictures 

Theo v/d Munckhof's Matra Homepage excellent site on Matra and it's history; technical info on Murena; regrettably he has stopped maintaining the site and pulled back it's content.

* Norwegian Matra Enthusiast (in English) Norwegian forum and Norwegian Matra register
* Dennis's Homepage (in Dutch) Peugeot Murena Mi16
* MATRA (in Czech)
* (in German) 


Matra Enthusiasts Club UK
Matra Club Deutschland (German and English)
Matra Passion France (French) also hosts a very active forum in French or
Club MATRA Légende (French)
Club Matra Sud (French)
Simca & Matra Sports Club (Dutch)
Le site de l’Amicale Matra 530 (French)
Matra Club Italia (Italian) 
Matra Club Suisse (German)
Club Djet (French) 

Parts and Garages

Carjoy (Dutch and English) does conversions, several cars for sale. Good prices, excellent service
Simon Automobiltechnik (German) featuring PDF-files with detailed views of all parts and their prices!
HB Pieces Auto the former Delcourt Pièces, online parts database (French)  
Politecnic French tuner; body-kits etc. 
Matra Magic UK  
Autoteile Roterberg (German) 


L'Espace automobiles Matra at Romorantin, the whole history illustrated with the real cars; click on the panoramas

Mail Lists

Despite efforts to have one mail list for all, there are now three:
English Matra-Cars-Forum aims to be the main mail list for all Matra enthusiasts. Everybody is welcome. It's mainly in English, but any other language may be used.
To subscribe, send an e-mail to: (leave subject line empty)
The list has an archive maintained by Spyros Mourelatos (last update april 2000 :-( )
German Approximately 55 matristi have joined the list on Yahoo groups called matra-club, quite active. Mainly focused on specific German issues, like meetings.
French This is not a real mail list, but a forum on the www.  This 'list' is dominated by Murena even more than the other ones


Haynes Weber Carburetors (ISBN 1 85010 061 6) Most popular Weber Carburetors to 1979 £ 14.99 (€ 25)
Haynes Techbook Weber Carburetor Manual (ISBN 1 56392 157 X) Covers all popular Weber carburetor types £ 14.99 (€ 25) 
Murena, la dernière sportive de Matra by André Dewael, 2nd edition, 90 pages with lots of illustrations, € 25 more info here


Adjusting Weber carburetor on Murena 1.6 
Ignition of the 1.6 Murena  
Electrical diagram 2.2  
Adjusting Koni shock-absorbers (in German or French)
Vehicle Identification Numbers or KBA-codes


1981 model Murena 1981 Murena 1982 model Murena 1982 Murena 1983 model Murena 1983 Murena

Adjusting double carburetors by Andy Owler (taken from mail list archive) a lot of fun to read, even if you don't have to adjust your carbs!
Roadtest of Peugeot 1.9 converted Murena's by Darren Elmslie
Article from Classic Cars November 1999 featuring Murena 2.2 (credits MEC UK)
The January 2001 issue of the Dutch magazine Klassieker had an article on how smart it is to buy a Murena...
Matra (now owned by Pininfarina) has some information on it's website on their 'old' models.

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