Recommended links 

* The Conservation Agency
Dr. James (Skip) T. Lazell  is a much-respected and much-published herpetologist, with special expertise in the Southeast Asia region. In particular, he and his colleagues at The Conservation Agency can accept tax-deductible donations from US taxpayers and forward them to The Rainforest Project.  The Web site has info as of 1996; email for current.

* Crocodile Specialists Group
Ranchers and scientists working together to preserve all kinds of crocodilians.  Headquarters in Florida.

* The Indonesian Nature Conservation Database
Data on the parks, mammals, and birds of Indonesia, with links to related sites. Run by Ed Colijn.

* University of Minnesota Dept. of Plant Pathology The mission and the resources of the lab that is working with TRP on studying resin formation in Aquilaria.Includes a bio of our own Dr. Bob Blanchette
W3 Tropicos
A nomenclatural database on the world's vascular plants, giving bibliographic references on where and when scientific names were determined or revised. Run by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

* World Conservation Monitoring Centre
A clearinghouse on conservation issues. Through it, for example, we located the definitions for the labels used in the IUCN Red List on species survival (extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, and lower risk).

* WWW Virtual Library - Vietnam
An immense collection of links about Vietnam, every aspect of the country and its people: geography, business, history, culture, etc.  Also run by Vern Weitzel is the email discussion group, Australia-Vietnam Sci-Tech Link (listserver), which includes environmental issues.

Comments, corrections, and further recommendations for useful sites related to rainforest conservation can be sent to Donna Richoux of TRP.