Biography of Tomoyuki Yamashita,

General Tomoyuki Yamashita, was one of the most capable leaders of the Japanese Army. Like Yamamoto, he had opposed going to war with the United States and Britain, but showed great skill in fighting, once the war had begun. He led the 25th Army in the invasion of Malaya, where it defeated a British army twice its size by repeated advances through the supposedly impassable jungle. Yamashita was hailed as "the Tiger of Malaya", but was then sent to a backwater command in Manchuria by his enemy of long standing, Prime Minister Tojo. After Tojo's fall from power, Yamashita returned from this exile, to take command of the 14th Area Army, defending the Philippines. He arrived only one week before the American invasion began, but conducted a stubborn, well-run defense, which lasted to the end of the war. In fact, he held out much longer against MacArthur, than MacArthur had against the 1942 Japanese invasion. Tragically, after his surrender, Yamashita was tried and hanged for war crimes committed by troops not really under his control.