The Battle of Midway:

As their submarines are still committed to the seas between Pearl Harbor and Midway in the belief that US carriers have not yet left port, the Japanese send an attack force of 108 aircraft to Midway. Defending US fighters sent to intercept are badly beaten, but the Japanese raid fails short of their own expectations and a second flight is called. The US carriers locate Nagumo's ships at dawn and send in their first strike just as the second Japanese strike force is being prepared. The Japanese commander, knowing now that US carriers are in the area, is in a quandary; his flight decks are crammed with aircraft and armaments, his fighters have been busy with an attack mounted by the US aircraft from Midway and are not yet ready to fly again, and his first strike force aircraft are still on their way back to his carriers. He decides to collect all his aircraft before sending a flight against the US ships. At about 0900 hours 41 US torpedo-bombers reach the Japanese ships and make a poorly co-ordinated attack; most of the aircraft are lost and no hits are scored. The attack has disrupted Japanese planning, however, and a second wave of aircraft, dive-bombers this time, record fatal hits on Soryu, Kaga and Akagi. The carrier Hiryu survives and launches air strikes which inflict critical damage on Yorktown. Later, Hiryu is badly damaged by aircraft from Enterprise and Hornet. The Japanese lose all four of their caniers, sunk or scuttled, within 24 hours.