Operation "Dynamo":

Churchill delivers his `we shall fight them on the beaches ....' speech. Unstated but apparent in the words is his belief that France will fall and that Great Britain may be the lone opponent to Hitler in Europe. When the Germans enter Dunkirk they capture the remaining French forces and much Allied equipment, but more than 350.000 men have got away, including more than 110.000 French. Some 80 vessels have been lost, including nine destroyers, and the RAF has lost 80 pilots. It has been a military exercise without precedent or parallel, but the Germans could, and should, have done more to prevent it. Some land commanders showed hesitancy, and the Luftwaffe was held back by poor weather and political vacillation; Hitler has shown such caution that his motives are questioned from this day on. From a point where the Germans could have captured a quarter of a million British troops, with the resulting effect on the morale of both sides, Hitler has now given Churchill the opportunity to deliver his `we shall fight them' call for national resolve. All the more strange then that Hitler should order all church bells in Germany to be rung to announce the end of `the greatest battle in world history' when he has chosen not to do battle with his opponents here but save his men and machines for the drive on Paris. It is argued that this decision will lose him the war.