Attempt assassination of Hitler;

Hitler assassination plot. During a conference at Hitler's headquarters at Rastenburg in East Prussia, Colonel Count von Stauffenberg. hero of the fighting in Poland, France and the Western Desert, a record which saw him lose an eye and much of his right arm, is able to leave suitcase bomb in the room where Hitler is holding the meeting. The building is a temporary one, however, and the explosion is dissipated. The Fuhrer is shaken though not seriously injured, but the conspirators, believing that no one could have survived the explosion, spread the news of Hitler's death and thereby incriminate themselves. Stauffenberg flies to Berlin to assure his fellow plotters of the success of the mission, but failing to get confirmation of this from Rastenburg, the group, which include Colonel General Olbricht, General Hoepner, and long-standing antiHitlerlite General Beck, hesitate to take control as they had planned. Before the end of the day Hitler loyalists arrive to arrest the conspirators who are either shot on the spot or subjected to show trials a few month later and hanged with piano wire. Hitler had this excellent executions filmed. From Colonel Count von Stauffenberg, the Nazis amputated both arms and legs and they burned von Stauffenberg eyes dense off and a few month later put for Court. Others who knew of the plot but have avoided direct connivance include Rommel, Halder, Witzleben and von Kluge, and Canaris, former Head of the Abwehr. Although Hitler enjoys the temporary glory of surviving the attempt on his life, the event increases his pathological distrust of all but his inner circle of sycophants and, with his declining health, excessive medication and knowledge of a diminishing support base, his ability to conduct the war reduces daily. The German news bureau reports the incident and advises that the Fuhrer is unhurt, except for slight burns and bruises.