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TRI-ANG SITE        A really GREAT site on everything about TRI-ANG toys

TRI-ANG SITE        This is DAVE's TRI-ANG site and is very nice.

SPOTROGER         This is the website of Roger Pedrick, a great Spot On collector and you can see his collection in
                                   permanent display in the BRIGHTON TOYS AND MODELS MUSEUM...

diecast.plus.com      - This a searchable database with thousands of pages of diecast models from Nigels World

TRI-ANG LARGE ROAD VEHICLES     - This website is from Joop Vendrik and is all about the large Tri-ang road
                                                                          vehicles. Tri-ang produced nine different lines of Pressed Steel Toy Lorries
                                                                          from 1930 to 1973. On this website you'll find some information on these
                                                                          fantastic toys.

SPOT-ON, LOEK van der A  -    This is a website from Loek van der A, another Dutchman who adores SPOT-ON and
                                                          here you can find all sort of transfers / decals as well as useful tips if you plan to restore
                                                          SPOT-ON models. The design of the website is done very well. You should take a look...





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