Hi, welcome to my website on SPOT ON. I am Wiebe Buising. If you want to know more about me, just click here.

I like to see this site as the first unofficial SPOT-ON site. I will share my collection with you and you can see pictures of my SPOT-ON collection here.

SPOT-ON is an amazing brand. It was in toy making business in the 50's and 60's and is now a very wanted collector's brand. I try to give you a complete view of my collection.

SPOT-ON is different from the other die-cast producers from its time, as all models and accessories of SPOT-ON were made in the same scale, 1:42. No matter, the saloon car, the Truck or the Cotswold Houses, they are all the same scale and that makes it wonderful for display.

That also made SPOT-On in its time already an expensive toy. More expensive than its competitors Dinky and Corgi.

But SPOT-ON cannot be compared with those now, because of the fabulous details, the wonderful choice of models (if you like Britain Cars of course) and the consistent scale and quality.


The first model, the FORD ZODIAC (# 100) was marketed in 1960 and the last model in 1967.

In general most models were produced during 2 - 3 years maximum. 

Due to the high retail prices and the low availability, the SPOT-ON range is now extremely rare.

I hope to be able to have a complete collection, I am very close, but still a lot to find.

SPOT-ON has apart from the "normal" portfolio of saloons, sportcars, vans and trucks a wide assortment.

Look at the amazing MAGICARS, a sort of Push and Go slot car with such excellent models as Bentley and Ferrari

Or look at the Arkitex sets, brilliant building sets to complete the modern city view behind the cars.

Or look at the Doll's house Furniture. SPOT-ON produced these even after they stopped producing the die cast models.
They came under several names, and thanks to ROGER PEDRICK's files I can give you an almost complete list of all the items ever produced by SPOT-ON.

At the bottom of the listing you can find some Jenny' Home items. Jenny's Home items are almost the same as the Spot-On range, but still have some very interesting sets. They were also made under the name: Dollies Home and later under the ROVEX brand. I am trying to get them as well and I listed the items that I have until now. For a full overview, please see Roger Pedrick's listing, he is quite complete. See the LINKS session to be directed to his site.


On the next pages you can see my collection.

I only listed the numbers and variations that I have in my collection with exception of:
- Gift sets
- Doll's House Furniture (under SPOT-ON brand)

For these two categories I received so many requests for information, that is why I list a list of items, known by me, rather than owned by me.

Mind you, this is MY COLLECTION, items here are NOT for sale, but if you have any model not listed here, feel free to email me, maybe I want to buy if from you.

The last item in the home-index is a page full of Self-made creatures, based on SPOT-ON originals.

If you have such modifications by your own, send me the pictures and I will list them with your name, if you want.

Also, if you need any information about SPOT-ON, I always will try to help you. Just email me.

And coming back to Roger Pedrick, he has a very special collection with including many rare variations. You can see most of his collection in a permanent display in the BRIGHTON TOY AND MODEL MUSEUM.

See the links to go to his site.

I really like to have your comments and of course your models are more than welcome!

Enjoy this SPOT-ON site.