Fuel consumption Conversion.

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Km per liter - miles per gallon.

Kilometers per Liter (dm3)km/l:
Liters (dm3) per 100 kml/100km:

Imperial (U.K., Canada) United States (Wet Measure)
Miles per GallonMPG:
Gallons per 100 Mile:
Calculate fuel consumption from distance and amount of fuel.

Kilometers (km) Miles
Distance :
Calculate distance from fuel consumption and amount of fuel.

Fuel amount : Liters (dm3) (l)
Gallons (Imperial) Gallons (U.S. Wet)
Price per: Liter Price / Gallon (Imperial) Price / Gallon (U.S.)
Cost : Correction factor / is
Calculate amount of fuel from fuel consumption and distance.

Enter a value in one of the fields.

Fuel consumption, (driving) distance, fuel amount (and cost if the price is entered) can be calculated directly by entering a number in the field that you have a value for. When values have been entered in two of the entities mentioned above, the third can be derived. E.g. enter a fuel amount and a distance, hit the "Derive" button in the fuel consumption area to calculate its value based on the values entered.

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Written by:   Frans B. Simon van Leeuwen.