My PowerBook 165:

I bought Agnes (my PB 165 is called after the PlainTalk voice with which she speaks to me) after I realised that I had a severe lack of knowledge about the Macintosh, although I have 15 years experience with personal computers.

Having been a product manager portable computing with Toshiba, the PB 165 really made me realise how bad PC compatible notebooks are. These still do not offer the plug-and-play facilities and ease-of-use of PowerBooks. I guess they never will.

The PB 165 was one of the latest models that Apple produced in this format. (The last one was the less equipped PB 150.) The PB 165 has a reasonable fast processor (68030) and a 160 Mb. harddisk. My machine has 8 Mb. of real RAM, doubled with RAMDoubler, giving 16 Mb. of logical RAM. I like the PB 165 but its drawback is its 640x400 screen. My PC notebook is 640x480 and the difference shows.

The major uses for this system are getting knowledge of the Macintosh by studying the Inside Macintosh CD-ROM with it and programming it in FutureBASIC. Connected to the system unit are a NEC CD2x CD-ROM player and a Conner 120 Mb. CP30100 harddisk.

My plans are to buy a PB 5300ce the moment prices go down a bit. I look forward to its wonderful 800x600 colour screen!

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