Documents worth reading

Below you will find some documents I have written on a variety of subjects. It appears most articles by me published in trade magazines like Computable, Computer thuis in bedrijf and in NGI publications, mostly on computer viruses and virus prevention are lost forever.

The British magazine MacFormat has an ongoing item called 'Silly Things Your Mac Says'; the above appeared in issue 55. Since it shows the results of a virus infection, I sent them a reply, which they (partly) published in issue 58.

  All the following documents are in Acrobat PDF format so you will need the free Acrobat reader.

Current projects:

Pending: Book on Business Continuity Management
ISO27001 Capability Maturity Model
SAS-70/ITIL/ISO27001 cross reference
Security Matrix
Assessment tool for CobiT Control Practices
Experimenting with different small NAS devices

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