Some numbers on fossil fuel and CO2

Below a small listing of data on fossil fuels and CO2 is given. In the table a summary of the various
data is given. The reserves are given in trillions of barrels oil equivalent (1 boe = 6.5 GJ). In the
"added CO2" column it is assumed that all fossil fuel is burned at once, and the resulting CO2 is
added to the atmosphere (assuming no interaction).

In the two figures below the table these data are depicted in a graphic form. For methane hydrates
the average of the current estimate is depicted (between 10 and 50 Tbeo). There is some doubt
whether shale oil will be taken into production on a large scale, due to its high energy requirement.

For gas hydrates it is not very likely that a reliable mode of exploitation will become within reach.
Melting gas hydrates (in situ) and catching the evolved methane in a controlled way will present
really daunting technical problems.

Finally the remark can be made that the data on coal have been changed dramatically. In recent
studies large adjustments have been made. The older numbers appear to be very unreliable.

                                                      Table:  Listing of data

Finally three more nice pictures on energy use (EJ/yr) [%] and emissions (%'s, and Gton CO2/yr):

! NB: Hydro, wind and solar (PV, CSP) are pure electricity, while nuclear is total primary energy.

Finally a nice flowchart based on the same data: GHG-flowchart

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