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Some of my bookmarks

Earth observation (geology)

Near Real Time Earthquake List
Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
Database of volcanic eruptions

Hurricane stuff

Unisys Weather: Hurricane/Tropical Data
National Hurricane Centre (NOAA)
NRL Monterey Dev Tropical Cyclone Homepage
Maximum Potential Hurricane Intensity
Altimetry and hurricane intensification (NOAA)

Ice data / SST's

National Ice Centre
Snowcover world
MMAB Sea Ice Analysis Page
NOAA OI SST Analysis
National Snow and Ice Data Centre
IARC-JAXA Information - sea ice extent
Arctic Sea Ice Extent, DMI
Polar portal
Polar science center - Arctic Sea Ice Volume Anomaly
NSIDC Sea Ice Index
Sea Ice maps (IUP, Bremen)
Polar view
Arctic Sea Ice Graphs
The Cryosphere Today (NCEP/NOAA); at the moment on "tilt"

Climate and Weather

Atmospheric Soundings
World Weather Information Service
Booty MetIndex page
CDC Map Room Climate Products
Daily Mean Composites (NOAA)
COLA/IGES Current Analyses and Observations
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts - ECMWF
Climate Prediction Center - Weekly ENSO Update
North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) Index
Stratospheric Circulation Monitoring
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
KNMI Home Page
Oscars Meteolinks
Klimadiagramme Weltweit
Weather around the World
The Climate Reanalyzer
The Met.Office Home Page
CET series, CNT series
laatste weereldnieuws - 6000 Weather Links for Europe
weather model gfs ensemble
European Storm Forecast Experiment


Meteo newsgroup FAQ's
ASTRONET (aanbevolen / recommended)
Amara's Science Links (zeer goed / excellent)
Wikipedia (free, and - in case of beta science - as good as EB)
Hadley Centre: Global temperature data
Latest HST Pictures
NASA's Global Change Master Directory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde
New Scientist
Datasets and Images (GISS, NASA)
Ocean Remote Sensing Group Home Page
Robert Grumbine Blog (Weather, Climate and Science)
Scientific American
Vincent Icke's Bits-n-Pieces
Web Sites in Inorganic Chemical Thermodynamics
World Meteorological Organization

Satellite stuff

Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
DSRS Geostationary Satellite Images
NOAA Environmental Vizualization Laboratory
Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA GHCC
SATMOS (meteo France)
NOAA Satellite Services Division
SSEC - Real-Time Data and Satellite Images


International Institute for Applies System Analysis
Home Page ECN Petten
BP World Energy 2016
Royal Institute of International Affairs - Home Page
Alan Sokal Articles on the "Social Text" Affair
Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging

Some politics

American Empire Project
Common Dreams
Information Clearing House
Mother Jones
Thruthout, news politics
site George Monbiot

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