History: The USA under the Bush Administration

  • A timeline of oil and violence      (external)
  • Gibberish & Balderdash by the US government ...      (external)
  • ... , the real agenda of the US government and yet another one      (external)
  • A call for a reply to regression      (last update 3/11/04)
  • Sick minded Men, how to deal with them? (On the basterds who blasted the WTC)      (last update 29/12/03)
  • Saudi Arabia and the second "back door" towards Kyoto      (last update 30/9/14)
  • The so called "War on Terrorism"      (last update 23/12/06)
  • It is not about terror, it is about oil & world domination      (last update 9/4/03)

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